Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dating Tips from Basketball

Inspired by a fabulous friend and in honor of March Madness, I have decided to manage my love life like the General Manager of a basketball team.

Every GM is looking for a Michael Jordan or a Lebron James, but to recruit the best players- you need to start with a solid team.  From the point guard to the center to the power forwards- each player should bring something unique to the team.  Its ok to have a favorite, but until there is a contract in place it is important to develop the whole starting line up.   Almost as important is the starting line up is the bench.  A girl should always have a 6th man on the bench, ready to step in when needed.

Biz is a new recruit for power forward…he plays in his first game tonight.  I have been scouting him for years, so I know he has the potential to be the next Kobe (without the sex scandal).  BUT I have concerns that he is too much of a free agent and not ready to sign with my team.  I have high hopes for him to become the teams leading scorer…but he has to learn the playbook first before I can tell if he can step into the star position.

My point guard, Mr. Ballsy, is a solid player. Consistent, talented, and vying for that Team Captain position.  I like him a lot and have a great time with him, but he is still a rookie and may not be ready for the promotion.

My current benchwarmer is Mr. Awkward.  He is a good communicator but hasn’t shown much interest in scoring.  I am looking for a little more aggression…a little more “eye of the tiger.”  

I have been approached repeatedly by The Narcissist (who I cut from the team for attitude problems) because apparently he wants to try out for the team again.  However, the termination of his contract was absolute- with no chance of ever re-signing.   

And perhaps the most important piece of this work is recruiting.  After all, it is ALWAYS recruiting season until a long term contract is negotiated with the star player.  I’m looking for a Center…so please send all scouting reports my way!


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