Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Don't Drink and Youtube Alone...

Yes...I did just YouTube John Cusack's classic Boombox Scene from the 80's classic while sitting alone, drunk, with a dog that has just eaten my old underwear sitting by my feet.  I decided that I hadn't quite reached my low point so I kept going dow the rabbit hole known as "related videos" until I ended up with a John Cusack still photo montage set to the Roxette classic "Listen to Your Heart."  I swore that I wouldn't allow myself to talk about "He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named" or to ever get sad again.  Like every cheesedick I know has told me, "Everything happens for a reason."  So I ask them now, "What the fuck lesson am I suppose to learn from this shit?"

When Biz came to my house to apologize for sleeping with me and then bailing, I referenced this 1989 classic to ease the tension.  When Mr. Ballsy and I got into our first (and only) scuffle, I assured him that I was not going to leave him for his drunken thoughtlessness....his response was to say, "You can't leave me because I will never let you.  I will stand in your yard with a boombox over my head every day until you take me back."  And then he immediately YouTubed that scene just to illustrate his point.  For someone that I think very little about in my normal life, John Cusack certainly has made an important imprint on my love life in the past 4 months.

Did referencing this "romantic" scene make one iota of difference to either of these manboys? Nope. Nada. None.  And more importantly- why am I alone late night YouTubing it?   Masochism is a dangerous disease my friends...

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