Thursday, July 22, 2010

A "Common" Mistake

TanMess: "So, I saw you at my party last week, right?"
Good Guy: "Yeah, I was there."
TanMess: "That's right. Weren't you wearing a Tupac shirt?"

Good Guy: "Well, actually it was a Carlton Banks shirt...but close."

TanMess: "Really?  I thought it was Tupac."
Good Guy: "Nope. I'm pretty positive that was Carlton Banks."
HauteMess: "W-O-W....that has to be a first.  If Tupac were actually dead, I bet he would be rolling in his grave right now."


  1. He sure would be; they don't even look slightly similar. Were they sipping on Gin and Juive while having their debate because alcohol can make you do some crazy shit.

  2. Right now I really want a Carlton Banks t-shirt.

  3. I need that carlton shirt. NEED.

  4. Carlton Shirts here:

    This is the exact shirt that "Good Guy" was wearing. :)



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