Thursday, July 1, 2010

The EX Files: Open Post Hosted by Senorita Calientemess

So, you know how sometimes you get those late night calls/texts from an ex that you KNOW you shouldn’t answer but you just can’t resist the “Why are you calling me?” retort?

As it turned out, he was calling because he was in danger…well, as much danger as a guy with no money can be in while walking through the highest crime concentrated block in the United States. (according to a recent news article) So naturally, I spring to his rescue and pick him up. But when I go to drop him off at his house (sidenote: new house has NO furniture)…one thing leads to another and after cuddling on the floor for about an hour, I made up my mind.

“Yo- I am going back to my house where there are beds and condoms. You may come with- but bring your running shoes because there is NO WAY I am driving you home tomorrow morning.”

Hope the rainy walk home in those flip flops wasn’t too painful…


  1. OH shit just realized what that means. Hope it wasn't bad news.
    Difference for guys is that, usually, when a girl decides she's too good to be your gf, she ALSO thinks she's too good to have sex with you.
    In other words, I thought about it but decided to completely avoid her instead.

  2. Good news...this wasn't about me but rather an open post with inspiration provided by Senorita Calientemess. :)



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