Friday, July 30, 2010

Here's Your Sign

HOLY SHIT...I just got this email from eBay.  

You Might Be a HauteMess if...eBay effing emails you to let you know when new R.L. Stine books become available....and you are in your mid to late twenties...and it is clearly 2010, not 1995.

Jesus, I need to get a laid...or just a date.  If he isn't mean and isn't douchey, I may even let him get to 2nd base.

AND on a related "You Might Be A HauteMess If..." note....Welcome back Jersey Shore!  To the HAUTESTMESSIEST of them all, I just want to thank you in advance for providing me with a neverending source of blog material, and for reminding me that I am not so bad after all. (in comparison)  So I'd like us all to raise a lemon drop and toast to "More grenades, more landmines, more gorillas, more beatin the beat, and more Guido-tastic's time to GTL, bitches!"


  1. God I need to get laid too, I'm 21 and I still read fan fiction!



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