Friday, October 1, 2010

Guess What?? (A new game)

Guess What We Were Doing??? And you can win a prize*!

Tonight, Senorita CalienteMess, Mr. GayMess, and I were doing like we do...dranking and such.  And the following pieces of conversation happened.  If you can guess what we were doing while having this conversation, all your wildest dreams will come true!** The answer will be posted this weekend! (spoiler alert- the answer has been posted below)

Mr. GayMess: "I think my little one will fit in that hole."
Senorita CalienteMess: "Mine fell out." *pouting*
Mademoiselle HauteMess: "Bitchy Little Rat Dog!! If you fucking eat any more of that, you will puke. And I will give you up for adoption."
Mr. GayMess: "I barely have 1 eye."
Mademoiselle HauteMess: "I'm nearly finished!"
Senorita CalienteMess: "I'm tired already."
Mademoiselle HauteMess: "*smugly* Yes, I should have warned you that one of the biggest downfalls is fatigue. *evil laughter*"
Senorita CalienteMess: "I'm gonna have a blister tomorrow."
Mr. GayMess: "Me too!" *whining*
Senorita CalienteMess: "Mine looks like a ritard, hillbilly, 50 Cent."
Mr. GayMess: "I LIKE it.  I like looking at him....I think its cute."
Senorita CalienteMess: "That's what everyone says about ritards."
(note: Caliente is morally opposed to the word 'retarded' so she says ritard instead...the italian word for slow.)
Mademoiselle HauteMess: "I'm almost done!"
Senorita CalienteMess: "Yeah- those who picked the easy level can shut the fuck up right now."
*the prize is a sense of accomplishment from knowing you are awesome...and a shout out on this blog. :)
** Not really


Sidenote Story:
While completing activity referred to above, the three of us were listening to Pandora on an awesome station rocking Craig David, Mariah Carey, Boyz II Men, etc.  All of the sudden, a flute comes sailing across our ears and I called for a silence.  Senorita CalienteMess rolls her eyes and says, "Are you fucking serious??" To which I replied, "Of course. Rose died this week...we will listen to this and we will sing along." .... Celine Dion, "My Heart Will Go On" plays in the background.
Mr. Gaymess: "Wait! Who died? A little girl?"
Senorita CalienteMess: "No! The old bitch in Titanic.  Mademoiselle Hautemess barely remembers this! She was like 7 when that came out."
Mr. GayMess:*staring off into the distance longingly* "I remember the dance mix."

RIP Rose, you silly slut!  First of all- you only knew Jack for like 1 day.  So you fucked him and you thought it was love.  That happens to a lot of 18 year olds.  Guess what, bitch? IT WASN'T.  If it was, you would have let Jack up on that floating piece of wood every once in a while instead of letting him freeze like a little pansy.  Second of all - you fucking should have sold that giant ass rock to an auction house or on ebay or some reasonable shit! But just dropping it in the ocean? Silly, slut...I don't care how old you were- I would have made you jump in and get it. And that, is why I hate Titanic. FIN.


  1. No Guesses yet? Worst.Game.Ever. When I was drunk it sounded so amazing!

  2. RIP Rose, you silly slut! First of all- you only knew Jack for like 1 day. So you fucked him and you thought it was love. That happens to a lot of 18 year olds.

    ...and the same goes for Little Miss Juliet.

  3. No Guesses yet? Worst.Game.Ever. When I was drunk it sounded so amazing!



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