Thursday, October 28, 2010

REWIND: Blossom is like WHOA!

I would like to take a moment to reflect on Mother Fucking Blossom Russo.  An entire sitcom centered around how unattractive she was.  When the writers were short on laughs, they would just go in for a close up of her schnozz and make her laugh and snort like a goon until the whole world fell in love with that fugly little ogre.  Kinda harsh on such a young girl...a young homely child...but still a child.

Blossom (the character) lived a tough life. Between her Hot-but-Forrest-Gump-like low IQ brother and her brother who had been to rehab more times than Lindsay Lohan...growing up had to have been awesome.  Her best friend's name is SIX...because "that's how many beers it took."  W-O-W!

How in the fuck was this good TV when we were little?  3 words: Joey Lawrence's Abs. 

I hope she (the actress) saved enough money from that to pay for the years of therapy that this all caused.

I now leave you with a classic episode where she gets her period but has no mom to talk to about it. Thank GOD for Six and her sage wisdom on all things gross.  B gets a sweet education in facial hair and menopause. However, these bitches know how to layer and accessorize! (ed. note: this would have been WILDLY uncomfortable to watch when I was 12...but now, it is just hilariously awkward.)


  1. Awesome post!
    I heard SIX got married recently!

  2. I never watched Blossom but after watching the Youtube clip it's nothing like I thought it would be. She's not fugly, though! I think she's cute, in a Stephanie from Full House kind of way.

  3. Awesome post!
    I heard SIX got married recently!

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