Monday, November 15, 2010

More Grindr Fun with Mr. GayMess

A recent trip to the Big Easy, an iPod Touch, the Grindr App, and about a billion beers later....I present you with:  Mr. GayMess Goes to Washington New Orleans!

Being the "new guy" in town on Grindr meant that I got a lot of attention...this one is my favorite. 

This makes me giggle, because after he asks me to "load his ass," I ask him if I can instead put a pinecone in it. (ed. note: I also giggled when he wanted you to load his



  1. putting pine cones up your ass a weird thing?

  2. @Paige - depends on how much elmer's glue and glitter are on it. Holidays, yo.

  3. I had the same though as Paige. I was raised in the woods, and we had to carry a lot of things back to the cabin. There was no other place to keep the pine cones. I grew to accept it and even like it. In fact, when I was a young girl, the Indians called me "Pine Cones in Ass Girl." It was their way of telling me they accepted me into their tribe. I was very flattered.



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