Thursday, December 30, 2010

Golden Girls Thursday

I have the best MFFBF EVER! (Mother Fucking Fake Boyfriend)  Last night, he came over to Senorita CalienteMess our Christmas presents. BEST.GIFTGIVER. EVER!

- MASH notebook and a "Check Yourself" notebook
- Mustache Pint Glasses
- Easy to conceal flasks
- A Pot Brownies and Cookies Cookbook

We were so grateful that we decided to make a whole night out of it.  After finishing 3 bottles of wine, pub crawling through my neighborhood square (Karaoke, Jukebox domination, and Vodka consumption), killing him at scrabble, and then killing a whole pizza - I think I may extend this contract to Valentine's Day!!

But now I have so few braincells left that I can only sit on my couch and watch my new Collectors Edition Golden Girls DVD Collection. Thank God for these old sluts!! Senorita CalienteMess is more or less disgusted by imagining old people have sex....I, on the other hand, am already squirreling away money for our Florida Ho Pad- we move in 35 years!

I am basically Sophia already, without the brain damage.
I say whatever is on my mind - and offend 80% of the population.  BUT mean and funny....STILL FUNNY!!  Senorita CalienteMess can't decide between being Rose or Blanche.  And we assume that my Sister In Law will be Dorothy.  And Bitchy Little Rat Dog shall be our Gay Cook, Coco.

Which Golden Girl do you think you will be?


  1. Oh, I'm Dorothy, to a fault, haha.

  2. Sounds like fake boyfriend has potential!

    I want to be Blanche when I mature!

  3. My best friend is having a Golden Girls themed 30th birthday and I CAN'T WAIT. Sequins and satin sack dresses, here I come.



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