Monday, December 6, 2010

A HauteMess Christmas Party ‘How To’

I throw legendary parties. It’s what I do. As a special holiday gift to you 4 readers, I am going to give you the keys to the kingdom, the secret password to club awesome, the holy grail…

The HauteMess Christmas Party ‘How To’

Booze! Lots and lots of booze!
Very few people tell stories over and over about parties where they acted responsibly with one drink before uneventfully driving home. Legendary parties are built upon the stories of those who threw their inhibitions to the wind and consumed enough alcohol to have something to blame for their off-key singing or rhythmically challenged dancing. So give your guests what they need most, the liquid courage to say and do the hilarious things that they will talk about for years to come!

If you are serving wine, I recommend 3 bottles for every 2 guests. The key to buying wine for parties is to only buy half good wine and the other half Two Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw…which is actually like $3 now). Taste buds are only acute enough to properly enjoy the $10-15 bottles of cab for like 2-3 glasses…and then, as long as you catch a buzz, it’s all good!

Sing Along Tunes!
I am a firm believer that behind alcohol, music is the most important component to any party- the right music subconsciously sets the mood. While there are hundreds of Christmas songs, and hundreds more albums of the same Christmas songs performed by different pop stars- I have compiled my secret weapon list of songs that burrow deep into party goers and release the Christmas spirit in all. In my experience, there are the magic trick to get people humming, toe tapping, and most importantly – singing along! As a karaoke queen, I love when a crowd is overcome with love for a song that they forget their fears of singing and belt out a sweet “All I Want for Christmas” Mariah Carey impression.

Get a playlist! Standalone player

Hilarious party favors
I once gave out condoms, chocolate, and airplane vodka bottles as a party favor – “The Panty Dropper Kit.” Trust me, it’s the little extras that set your Holiday Party apart from your average drunken evening. It doesn’t even need to be holiday oriented to make people light up and let go. Last year, I gave fake mustaches to all my girlfriends. After several bottles of wine, many hilarious photo shoots commenced. Whether it be alcohol & condoms, Santa hats, blinking noses, or slap bracelets- give your guests a little something to remember you by the next morning.

Nostalgic Candy/Movies/Games
Nothing puts people in a better mood than finding a little piece of their youth wrapped up with a party bow on it. One year, I had a 90s party complete with 90s candies: pixie sticks, bubble tape, big league chew, push pops, fund dip. Adults who would normally exert willpower when faced with a bowl of M&Ms were rendered defenseless to those days of yore sugar highs. An autographed picture of Tom Selleck framed and placed on top of the party punch dispenser quickly became the most popular corner of my birthday party. Retro games also get the crowd's competitive juices flowing - last year’s girls holiday party was made special with highly competitive games “Electronic Dream Phone” and “Mall Madness.”

Late Night Oven Food
Forget the Cookie Monster, adults with booze in their systems are like the Pizza Monster.  Pizza Rolls & Bagel Bites are crowd-pleasers, and the smell from the oven will keep guests from wondering out your front door in search of munchies.  It is important to hide the late nigh snacks only to reveal them around midnight- it helps sober your guests up just enough to remember how awesome their evening was!

You're welcome! Now go forth and party!

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