Thursday, December 23, 2010

A New Game for You To Play At Home

At Ladies' Christmas, we played a rousing game of bootleg "Loaded Questions."  I authored the following question....(answers below)
If you were pregnant right now, what would you name the baby?
- Thunderhawk II
- White Tiger (if male)
   Swaying Leaf (if female)
- Estella
- Hudson
- Calista Flockhart
- Grey

WHAT? You mean you and your friends don't talk about such things while hammered?

Whenever Senorita CalienteMess, Madame MarriedMess, Mademoiselle BlondeMess, and I get together - drunkenness and hilarity ensues, obvi!  But we also like to chase our wine with a little free game we like to call "LOADED QUESTIONS."   The premise was totally ripped of an overpriced boardgame- but its just too easy to play at home for free!

Materials Needed: 
- Blank Sheets of paper
- Enough pens for every player
- Drunken fools who love to overshare
- Creative genius

Game Set Up:
- Each player writes 1 anonymous question, folds, and throws in Pile O'Questions
- Each player is given an answer sheet of paper where they write their name at the top and number the side of the paper 1-# of players

How To Play:
- A "Guesser" (its a technical term) draws Question from the pile and reads it aloud.
- All players (except the "Guesser") write down their honest answers, fold, and hand to the "Reader" who is sitting directly to the right of the "Guesser."
- The "Reader" reads aloud all answers in a row ONCE.
- The "Reader" then goes back through the answers one by one, allowing the "Guesser" to guess who wrote each answer, one guess per answer only. The "Reader" will say YES or NO to indicate if the guess is correct. (important to note: if the guesser is wrong, do NOT tell the "Guesser" who wrote the questions until the very end)  Each correct guess = 1 point.
- Keep score until you are too drunk to care.

Tips & Tricks:
- Go ahead and get all the cliche questions out of your system your first time. (e.g. "Favorite position," "Craziest place you have ever had sex," "If you were on a desert island with the people in this room, who would you eat first.")  This needs to happen for the game to evolve to greatness.
- Great questions that I have experienced in the past:
"If you had to fight one celebrity to the death in a cage match, who would you pick?" (ed. note: Madame MarriedMess picked Alex Trebeck because she hates him.  I picked Calista Flockhart because I wanted to win.  Also why I would name my "unborn baby" Calista memorium)
"If you were pregnant right now, what would you name the baby."
"Marry one, Fuck one, Kill one: Streisand, Midler, Minelli"
"Who is (insert name of skankiest male friend) fucking right now?"
"First crush." (Madame MarriedMess admitted to Boy George...BAHAHAHA!)
"Funniest movie scene of all time."
"How will you die and at what age?"
- When in doubt, drink and play another round.
- Invite new people to play; spread the love and horrify acquaintances all at the same time!


  1. I've played loaded questions before and it is really fun! Your version sounds just as good!

  2. Yay! I love new games! PS. I'd pick Grey.

  3. Yay! I love new games! PS. I'd pick Grey.



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