Friday, December 3, 2010

Search Strings that Led to THIS Blog Part Trois

Happy HauteMess Friday!

It's BAAACK!  Since posting the search strings that draw people into this blog was so popular the last time, I'm bringing ridiculous back. Either my blog is getting more ridiculous or Google has finally figured out that I am awesome in all kinds of ways that I have never thought of!

1. RL Stine Movies
2. Will my golden retriever chew on my lounge suite? (ed. note: Bitchy Little Rat Dog would fucking kill a golden retriever if it tried to chew on HER property!)
3. joey tribbiani sailing (ed. note: WTF?!?)

4. kitchen fire pictures
5. Sailor gay (ed. note: not sure...sorry Mr. GayMess - I blame you!)
6. "ladies room" "pooping"
7. ladies night, breaking hearts (ed. note: I am super proud of this!  It's like my talents are finally being recognized!)
8. Future Spinster (ed. note: definitely a pattern here....)

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend...I plan on consuming a million bottles of wine and dancing my face off at a monthly dance party called "Dance Mother Fucker, Charlie Brown" tomorrow night.  The theme this month is 90s music - so I will be in my element, Roger Rabbitting all over the bar working my Mojo!

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