Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Of Course, George Clooney!

On Valentine's Day, Senorita CalienteMess and I had a date...a date with Jack & Sawyer from Lost, obviously.  While becoming one with the couch, we decided that hermit Valentine's festivities could only be complete with ice cream.

I stayed home sick from work (because St. Valentine attacked my immune system, again) and was clad in my usual sick day uniform - grey sweatpants, a gray wrap cardigan, and my 80s perm curly hair. (I spend a hours each week to prevent the world from knowing that my hair looks like THIS when I don't straighten it)
So I pulled on my Uggs and ventured out of the house with CalienteMess for some fat free soft serve to celebrate Single Valentine's Day.

Backstory: George Clooney and Ryan Gosling are filming a new movie in Cincinnati right now called "Ides of March."  (both of these fine men happen to be on Madame MarriedMess and Senorita CalienteMess's Top 5 free pass list...watchout Mr. Messes!)  I happen to know that they were scoping one of my favorite bars in my hood a couple weeks ago.

Fastforward to tonight....Valentine's Day...the film crew filming the movie IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD.  RIGHT OUTSIDE MY ICE CREAM SPOT....and me in GRAY SWEATS AND UGGS, NO MAKEUP, AND HAIR THAT LOOKS LIKE THIS:


Don't get too excited!  I didn't actually MEET George Clooney.

On our way to get Ice Cream, we drove past 17 semi's of film crew equipment, several police escorts and black town cars with famous people inside. (Likely Clooney himself)  What did I do? Naturally,  I just kept on driving past to hide my shame.

I was not about to stalk him looking like that.  However, I did  have a vision of him taking one look at me and asking me to play a role in the movie! The conversation would have gone like this:
Clooney: Wow! You would be perfect for a role in the movie.
Me: REALLY?? I am not even wearing makeup.  I have been sick on my couch all day.  This is so unexpected!  Is it a leading lady role?  A love interest?
Clooney:  Not exactly.  More like an underdog, a real rags to riches! Have you ever heard of Marla Hooch?

Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Haha, Saved by the Bell and Can't Buy me Love. I doubt your hair looks all that bad, I mean that as a compliment not as a comparison to the 80's tv shows/movies hair. Marla Hooch lol oh goodness, you're killing me with all the movie references.

  2. Marla Hooch is still better than the old lady from Goonies.

  3. Marla Hooch is still better than the old lady from Goonies.



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