Friday, March 11, 2011

James Van Der Beek BLOWS My Mind

I don't normally watch music videos...I think I will still blame MTV for that, even though I probably wouldn't watch them even if they still played music.  However, I love that the really "good" ones can get passed around YouTube with relative ease...still affording me the opportunity to feel connected with Top40 even though I gave up radio years ago.

I happened across this Ke$ha video, titled "Blow."  I normally hate watching Ke$ha videos because so much of my brain space is consumed trying to figure out if she is pretty or hideous...she is pretdious.  She could be a really cute girl with some coaching, but instead she just looks wrecked. (wrecked = hungover, tired, bad skin, poor spray tan, britney spears-esque weave)  Or more accurately, she looks like the Ghost of Dina Lohan Past...but autotuned.

Anyhow, this is not meant to be a rant about Ke$ha, just an explanation why I don't like looking at her.  Her music makes me tap my feet and maybe even sing all in all, she is good in my books.

BUT THIS.... THIS JEWEL!  It contains a magical creature that I didn't believe existed...and no, I am not referring to the unicorns, rainbows, or Ke$ha's eyebrows.  I am talking about James Van Der Beek's sense of humor!!!

(please bear with whatever stupid red lobster commercial you have to watch first...its worth it!)

Watch carefully around minute 2:20... (and if autotune hurts your ears, 2:20 is about the place to take it off mute, too!)

Favorite line? "I don't appreciate you Slander Beeking my name."  It is basically a hilarious admission that he is no longer relevant.  I appreciate a washed up teen star who owns that shit and has a sense of humor about him!

Well done Van Der Beek...I just watched a whole Ke$ha video with only mild hints of shame and regret.


  1. That's kind of awesome. I am not ashamed to admit I watched a full Ke$ha video now. Dawson looks good! The last time I saw him he was playing a washed up Canadian pop star on How I Met Your Mother. Did you see that? I love that his sense of humor allows him to take on these ridiculous roles!

  2. Wow, you know what does blow? That song, that video, all things Ke$ha!!

    James Van Der Beek is rad. Have you seen his website where he made gifs re-enacting all his famous Dawson faces?!

    check it out, it's awesome.

  3. Isn't it glorious? First his memes site and now this. Way to make a shining comeback, JVDB.

  4. Damn. He's still hot. I may even argue hotter than Dawson's days... I wanna bite his lip!

  5. Damn. He's still hot. I may even argue hotter than Dawson's days... I wanna bite his lip!



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