Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Loaded Questions: An Interactive Game For You

You may remember reading about Loaded Questions after the AMAZING Ladies' Christmas party that the Messes and I had.  We decided to bring out the game for "Elastic Fest 2011."  Seven of us finished approximately 12 bottles of wine, a bundt cake, and a vat of Buffalo Chicken Crack.  It was life changing.

Never again do I want to wear skinny jeans when I drink! (that is probably the exact thought Kirstie Ally had before she started eating butter straight from the dish and gained a million pounds)

The freedom of stretchy elastic allowed us all to drink excessively and draft the most creative, amazing questions and answers I have seen in Loaded Questions.

To make this a bit more interactive for you friends playing at home, I am posting the question and each person's answer.  Your job is to guess my answers! Bonus point if you can guess which question is mine!   The person with the MOST correct guesses will win a sweet prize! 

Question 1: Favorite Addict?
A) Andy Dick
B) Danny Bonaduce
C) Robert Downey Jr.
D) Mademoiselle BlondeMess

Question 2: Best Makeout Song?
A) Any Pink Floyd Song
B) "Waterfalls" by TLC
C) "Heartbeats" or any song by the Cure
D) "Can't Get Enuf Of Your Luv, Baby"

Question 3: Worst Makout Song?
A) Anything by Ke$ha
B) "I Like Big Butts."
C) Anything by Boston
D) "Wind Beneath My Wings" or "Star Spangled Banner" or "Ave Maria"

Question 4: You are Charlie Sheen: Go- give us your next tweet!
A) "Just got laid... the rest of you are losers - I'm bi-winning."
B) "Sex panther."
C) "Yes, I am on drugs.  It's called Charlie Sheen. But you can't get it because you will die & your face will melt off & your children will weep at your grave. I am a winner!"
D) "My cum cures cancer; suck it."

Question 5: Which Tom Cruise Movie Would You Want to Co-Star in?
A) Inception...oh wait, that was a dream
B) Forrest Gump
C) Any one in which I do not has to have sex with him
D) Is there a movie where he does not run?  That one.

Good Luck!

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