Wednesday, March 9, 2011

No, It Isn't Dirt on My Forehead. Yes, I Know It's There.

As any good Catholic girl, I generally spend my Sunday mornings hungover and thinking about how long it has been since I last went to church, but I NEVER miss an Ash Wednesday service.   You may be thinking to yourself, "Why bother today if you don't go every week?" or "What the fuck is that dirt smudge on your forehead?"  Both are valid questions...but I probably won't answer either of them.  I will just stare blankly at you and say,  "I am 28 and set in my semi-Catholic traditions.  Don't hate."

As you may know, Mardi Gras translates literally to "Fat Tuesday."  And I feel like I have had "Fat Kid Tuesday" every day since evidenced by my winter weight gain.  Lent is always a time to challenge myself.  Last year I gave up TV - which was like giving up my left arm for 2 months.  The year before, I gave up dining out - which was basically social suicide.  And the year before THAT, I gave up cheese - which is what I am certain it would feel like to lose your first born.

This year, I am trying to give up something equally as difficult and equally as near and dear to the core of my being.  Therefore, I am giving up "being lazy" for Lent.  This includes, but is not limited to, giving up watching 25+ hours of netflix/television on any given weekend, giving up refraining  from working out for days on end due to hangover, and quitting my weekend pizza habit...I eat a disgusting amount of pizza almost every Friday night circa 1am.  I then pay for it by lazing around on the couch for next 2 days watching nothing but Lost.  So things are a'changing!
On a side note: Speaking of Lent, 40 days and 40 Nights is one of the worst movies of all time.  Giving up sex for 40 Days is dumb...and deciding to date someone shortly after they give it up is dumber.  And the unforgettable scene with the orgasmic Lilly still makes me barf in my mouth...I vow never to do anything as stupid as that.  The only thing grosser would be giving up alcohol for 40 days.  Or maybe giving up showering...maybe.

Hopefully, 40 Days of moving my ass off the couch and skipping the large pizzas will not only help me "pass" my cholesterol screening and help me better train for my half marathon on June, BUT ALSO help me prepare for a bigger & better Jello Shot Easter Egg Hunt this year.

Happy Lent!


  1. Hey, I'm giving up ALCHOHOL for THAT'S a sacrifice!! Wish me luck, 'cuz I'm really going to need it!! Maybe I'll drop a a few lbs saving a few calories :-)

  2. Omg I totally forgot that after Mardi Gras comes Lent! I was way too busy focusing on the excuse to party to remember what comes next... damn it.

  3. I too am 28 and set in my semi-Catholic ways. ish. good for you and good luck. I thought about giving up drinking for a second but then I remembered St Patty's day always falls on lent. What were the Irish Catholic's thinking??

  4. The link isn't working and I must know about the jello shot easter egg hunt!!

    I gave up TV a couple years ago. NOT. FUN.

  5. @K Girl: I admire the strength to give up alcohol...i refuse. Reason number 2 why I don't want to have children. If I can't imagine 40 days, how will I manage 9 months??

    @Gem: Lucky girl! My celebration was more like me sitting on a couch with pizza...

    @Toddy: The Catholics NEVER want you to give up alcohol - St Patty's is PROOF!

    @ Lizzie: I fixed the link. This year I will take pics of the Jello Shot Easter Egg Hunt!

  6. The link isn't working and I must know about the jello shot easter egg hunt!!

    I gave up TV a couple years ago. NOT. FUN.



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