Wednesday, March 23, 2011

RIP Elizabeth Taylor

It saddened me to read that a favorite old ho of mine has been called home to the giant Jeweler in the sky.  Miss Elizabeth Taylor, 79, has died.

I haven't felt such loss since Rue McClanahan passed on.  I like to picture her in a pastel silk kimono, welcoming Elizabeth with open arms, a little black book of men, and a glass of Scotch.

Elizabeth Taylor isn't just my favorite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

She isn't just the senile, howling woman that Joel McHale so eloquently teases on The Soup.

AND she isn't just a pretty face.  She has raised over $50million dollars for AIDS research and $40,000 to New Orleans AIDS victims.  She truly shared her beauty - inside and out.

Other Pearls of Wisdom Acquired from Miss Taylor:
  • It is okay to marry a million men as long as you acquire billions of jewels in the processes. 
  • Red Lipstick is acceptable at ANY age.
  • Mo' bling, mo' betta.
  • 69 is the magic number....of carats that is! (Taylor-Burton Diamond, yo!)

To celebrate the original Cleopatra, I shall go to book club tonight donning red lipstick, a ridiculously tacky amount of sparkle (8 to celebrate each of her husbands), and pouring out some champagne our for my homegirl who couldn't be with us.

With the greatest amount of respect...I say, "RIP, you old slut!"


  1. i gotta say that was a lovely post.....fuck the view and their tributes. u summed things up nicely

  2. Whew, did I finally figure out how to comment again?

  3. Why thank you, doll! Last night I went to a very very busy wine night and forced people to toast to the Violet Eyed Beauty all night!

  4. Thank you dear! And I am super glad that my new comment widget is working for you!!



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