Tuesday, March 22, 2011

You know what irks me? Part 2

Today, while driving to a doctor's appointment (since I have the immune system of Bubble Boy), I was rudely distracted by terrorists.  Religious terrorists.  There is nothing I hate more than the people who park in front of a Planned Parenthood just to shout at women walking in.

The women wore mom jeans and feathered bangs.  The men wore trucker hats to hide their Jim Carrey Dumb & Dumber hair cuts with their white high top shoes.  And all were wearing sandwich boards with images of actual aborted fetuses. It wasn't enough to just wear these sandwich boards while pacing the streets....they decorated their cars, too. Some of the signs were catchy slogans like "Abortion makes you a mother. A mother of a dead baby!" (clever)  and "Your Mom Chose to Let YOU Live." (guilt trip. equally as "clever")

After scanning a few more of these "slogans," my eyes were visually assaulted by a Ford F-150 sized image of a shredded fetus. 

ABORTED FETUSES, REALLY???  On the side of a busy residential road???  Within 2 blocks from an elementary school playground.  Where accidents can happen if drivers aren't paying attention.   WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THEM?

Listen Religious bitches: I know you.  You are the bitches who give me sideways stares when I drop the "F" bomb in public.  You are the ones who read my blog and call me a sinner.  I understand you have beliefs and principles and you are SO excited to share them with the world.  BUT - in this case, do you have to do so by terrorizing innocent drivers and children?

There are acceptable ways to share your passion, and there are unacceptable ones.  I am going to categorize everything you are doing as "unacceptable."  I was on my way to an appointment for an ear infection and tonsillitis...so why did I need to be shouted at?

Guess what? I also have beliefs! However, the difference between us is that  I don't automatically assume that you have a different belief than me and stand in front of your church with images of genocide and extreme disease in Africa just to prove my point.  I don't force your children to look at pictures of animals used in dog fights or Tupac's autopsy to shock and terrify them.

I believe that health care is an important right that all people deserve.  Bloomberg just reported that 52 million Americans are without health insurance.  Planned Parenthood provides affordable mammograms, PAP smears, cholesterol screening, flu vaccinations, birth control, prenatal care, and STD screenings!  This is a place that I fully support.

I also believe in the 1st Amendment.   And not to go all Voltaire on you, but ...  even if "I do not agree with what you have to say,  I'll defend to the death your right to say it."  

So please, exercise a higher level of taste when exercising your First Amendment.  (higher than when you chose your butterfly ankle tattoo) There's no need to pretentiously park your 1992 Ford Pickup on my Doctor's street and don photos of dead babies with your fringe jean jacket.  

And please, please, please, when all else fails just ask yourself "WWDD" (What Would Dexter Do?).  If the images you would like to wave around all willy nilly would be rated TV-MA on Showtime, maybe just don't do it.  Keep it TV-PG on the streets.  That is all. 


  1. "Your mom chose to let YOU live." There's that pesky "choice" word again, but I guess it's only acceptable when you choose life. People are sickening.

  2. I love you.
    Thank you for posting this!

    I could care less if you're Prolife or Pro Choice. Both are your choice to choose.

    What I do hate about Pro Life protesters are they are only concerned with you NOT terminating a pregnacy. No mattter what the reason.(Cancers, rape, deformaties, miscarriages, or simply not old enough mentally etc)

    If they are successful in changing someones mind, are they there to help and support them finacially or emotionally afterwards?
    If their answer is NO, then they need to shut their traps, cos love is not enough to make everything okay.... Love does not put a roof over the heads of new parents or food on the table.

    I am forever thankful we live in a country where we have the right and choice to decide what to do with our bodies without needing approval from a government.

    Excellent post

  3. "Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place?"

    -George Carlin

    Rest in Peace George, genius of comedy.

  4. "Why is it that most of the people who are against abortion are people you wouldn't want to fuck in the first place?"

    -George Carlin

    Rest in Peace George, genius of comedy.

  5. I used to live half a block from a Planned Parenthood and these people were just relentless. I don't even think that particular clinic did abortions either. It amazes me that these so called "pro-life" people are the same ones causing the need for me to go through a metal detector when I need to get a pap smear. That's not pro-life, that's just anti-choice. I think I would like to recruit a bunch of people to go stand outside a PP with signs supporting everything they do. Really one of the best organizations out there today.

  6. so weird for you to post this today...there's an anti-abortion rally going on at the campus where i work. i haven't been on that side of campus but people have tweeted pictures of the crazies with their gross signs. there was also an elementary school tour on campus today. lovely.

  7. It just baffles me. I bet the same folks are the ones who blame TV and video games for desensitizing their children to violence...but pay no attention to the dead baby pamphlets on their kitchen coutners.

  8. Hear Hear! Planned Parenthood probably saves more lives than any outreach program these folks have. I would totes support a rally FOR PP...but I may recommend bullet proof vests and helmets!

  9. Maybe that is why they are so pissed! :)

  10. Well stated! I don't care which side of the fence a person is on in the case of Roe vs. Wade - I just appreciate common courtesy of thinking through the FULL implications of whatever it is you are supporting. Especially if you are doing so loudly, obnoxiously, and distastefully!

    Love is NOT enough. The same people who would vote to outlaw abortion likely also vote to cut government aid to unwed mothers. I found a great website with slogans:
    Pro-life? Be a foster parent.
    Pro-life? Donate blood.
    Pro-life? Donate bone marrow.
    Pro-life? Be an organ donor.
    Pro-life? End violence against women.
    Pro-life? Support single moms.
    Pro-life? Denounce war.

  11. Yes, the "clever" and "catchy" slogans are typically neither...but they were created with glitter and spray paint hoping we wouldn't judge the content.

  12. WWDD. YES. I support this wholeheartedly

  13. Loves it :D

    Sometimes it's like you're reading my mind.


  14. Thanks, love! Don't get me wrong, I watch Dex religiously (pun intended) - and he is more likable than those peeps.

  15. I love Pyschic Sisters!



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