Thursday, April 7, 2011

Coachella Countdown

I am taking my VACATION NEXT WEEK...only 7 more days until I arrive in Indio, California for Coachella Music Festival!

Normally, I spend the majority of my money on alcohol and clothing. (it's not an addiction as much as a really bad habit I have no intention of quitting...shopalism, that is)  Plus, being young and attending weddings/bachelorette parties, and Christmas with the fam eats away most of my vacation days from work.  All of these factors mean that I haven't had a real vacation in a while.

Coachella is the PERFECT vacation for me because live music is one of my top favorite things - I love the excitement of seeing my favorite bands and discovering new ones.  Music Festivals are the perfect form of live music for me because I can be as ADHD as I want to be...there is constantly something going on and something new to discover just around the corner.  The festival takes place in California - so famous people like to go there.  I am not afraid to admit that I plan to Celebre-stalk and famebang someone next week!  I mean, how else is Daniel Tosh going fall in love with me if not finding me walking around in a big floppy hat with a giant jug of booze in the California Sun??

Plus, I get to attend with my favorite people in the world!  My brother and his wife are among the 8 people I am traveling with.  We are renting a huge house with a private pool.  Can you say, "REAL WORLD: INDIO CALIFORNIA!!"

Top Things I Am STOKED About:
1. FASHION!  Don't be fooled by the "music" scene.  Coachella is too close to LA not to be visually stunning with adorable fashionistas, hollywood starlets, and just plain freaky trend setters!  I pretended for about 2 months that I wouldn't buy a new vacation wardrobe (to save money) and just wear what I own.  But then last week, I started stalking Forever 21 and Asos for affordable, hippie/hipster, outdoor in the desert all day, concert friendly clothes that I can get excited about wearing.  I purchased everything below...oops!

2. MUSIC!  Black Keys. The National. Arcade Fire. Animal Collective.  Mumford & Sons. Gogol Bordello.  Interpol. Crystal Castles. Cee Lo Green. Cold War Kids. Wiz Khalifa. Chromeo. City & Colour....AND....

3. KANYE WEST!  I love a loose cannon.  (Charlie Sheen, hello?!)  I love Kanye.  I have always loved Kanye.  He is so hilariously narcissistic, yet talented as a mother fucker.  I adore that he is an asshole, but not in that Chris Brown "Asshole-Who-Needs-To-Be-Beat-With-A-Rubber-Hose-For-Laying-His-Hands-On-A-Woman" kind of way.  When he stole the mic from Taylor Swift, I laughed.  I can't wait to see what he will do live.  I am half expecting him to declare that he is running in the 2012 Presidential Election.  You can trust that I will be rocking my glow stick glasses to this show!

4. Getting a TAN! I am currently pasty white.  My Greek ancestors would take one look at me and ask for a paternity test.  If I ever plan on someone seeing me naked again, it is time for some color.  I don't do tanning beds - largely because I refuse to be associated with the Jersey Shore, but also because I was a lifeguard for 4 years and know that skin cancer is no joke.  BUT - there is nothing more gratifying than a tan line that resembles the little Coppertone Girl! So bring on the Cali Sun!

5. FAMOUS PEOPLE!  I secretly hope to get rich by videotaping Paris Hilton snort a line of coke off of Lindsay Lohans cleavage and selling it to the tabloids.  However, if I just have to settle for the silly school girl giggles of seeing Zac Efron, Zooey Deschanel, Whitney Port, and other Coachella regulars - that will still make my entire year.  When I see someone, will I squeal and immediately text all my friends that I just saw Alesandra Ambrosio eat a hot dog? YES!  Is that particularly mature and cool? Meh. Do I care? No.

Therefore, I will be taking some solid time away from the blog next week - but I promise to update twitter, should anything notable happen.  (@misshautemess)

If any of you will also be at Coachella, let me know!  I would love to meet new friends while out there!


  1. Love this post! I'm excited for you.
    Although the Coopertone ad from the 80's makes me laugh. Isn't sunscreen supposed to protect you from getting a tan? lol That child is darker than I will ever be. (scottish/belgian redhead - ya Im' not tanning anytime soon)

  2. Vay kay! YAY!

    Also, am so stoked (and jealous) about the music! LUCKY. Have a blast :)

  3. yay for music, awesome outfits, glow glasses, tans & being Greek(my fav as a fellow Greek)!!

    this sounds completely amazing & I'm wondering if its cool if I just come and crash? I promise to look cute & help you score a make out sesh with a hot celeb! ;)

    hope you have a blast girl

  4. Have a great time,kitten.

    Say hi to Gorgeous George for me.

    And if Javier's there, tell him he's late.


    - B x

  5. Thanks! I use sunscreen to prevent the red, painful kind of burn....but I may also be guilty of using SPF 8 so that I can still get SOME tan. :)

  6. Thank you - I will have to keep detailed notes to share back. ;)

  7. YES! You are more than welcome to come crash - it is BYOAM (bring your own air matress!). I am always in need of a partner in crime when I aspire to such lofty goals as making out with famous people.

    Greek love!



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