Friday, April 22, 2011

It's Good Friday, Friday, Friday...

Happy Good Friday!  Especially for those of you off school and work... luckies!

To celebrate, I have an amazing video for you. I know I am 3 weeks late on this amazing nugget of pure comedic gold....but I forgot to post it 2 weeks ago when I was only 1 week behind the cool kids.

For those who also live in a hole (or the midwest, as I like to call it), Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert made a blood pact that if $26,000 was raised for the DonorsChoose program - Stephen Colbert would perform Rebecca Black's musical masterpiece, "Friday," with The Roots on Late Night.

The money was raised.  The song was performed.  Magic happened.

The clip below is guaranteed to start your weekend off right - or your money back!  Please bear with any mandatory 30second ads for something dumb like steak or insurance...the payoff is TGIF worth it!



  1. Anyone else notice the Abominable Snowman with Shake Weights?

  2. Glad to hear it! I love Stephen Colbert soooo frickin much! He is a good husband candidate for me. :)



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