Friday, July 1, 2011

It's Wedding Season...2011

I am a little late this year kicking off Wedding Season...mostly because I was invited to less weddings this year.  Perhaps this is a direct result of my wedding season kickoff last summer.  To make up for this late season opener, I am attending TWO weddings today.  That's right...TWO.

The first wedding was more of an accident.  While staying with The Muchacho, he declared that the only good thing about being awake so early on a Friday morning is Saved By The Bell.  And boy was he right!  Saved By The Bell is never NOT the best thing to watch hungover.  As of 8:13AM, (after seeing .5 secs of the scene where Zack begs his dad for approval...I knew immediately that this was the best day ever) we were cordially invited to the wedding of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski...
Best way to start my day...EVER.

For the second wedding today, Captain Inappropriate needed reinforcements as the Best Man, and (unlike the past 4 weddings I have been to) even though he is single, he was given "plus one."
(P.S. this new trend of not allowing people to bring dates REALLY irks me. Yes, I realize how much it costs per person because you told me already...but please respect that I may want to hook up with someone who ISN'T your weird cousin or alcoholic groomsman. Rant over. Thank you.)

Captain Inappropriate invited me to this wedding, carelessly forgetting that I may have sort of made out with the groom...5 years ago.  I don't really believe this will be awkward; I barely remember it and am pretty certain that he doesn't either.  However, I really hope the bride doesn't know about it.  Brides don't usually like to think of that stuff on their wedding day. (just a hypothesis)  But, I figure that as long as I don't pull a "The Graduate" wedding scene and hop the next Greyhound bus with him, I should be able to go under the radar.

All this got me many people go to the weddings of a former hook up.  Former "friends with benefits"? Old accidental drunken makeout? Middle school boyfriend that has since become your best guy friend?  I happens, right?  It is just one of the many Wedding Season staples, like ugly bridesmaid dresses, embarrassing speeches, and awkward references to the "wedding night" sex.

Although these incidents are not universally true for every wedding, I imagine that they happen often enough to make a fun Wedding Season game!  Introducing, WEDDING BINGO!  Below is a bingo board for you to use this summer...crossing off each incident as you experience it.


B  I  N  G  O
You made out with the bride/groom in the past

One of the bridesmaids puked
Awkward reference to “Wedding Night” sex

The best man speech BOMBED

Someone starts taking bets on "how long it will last"
The officiator mispronounced the bride/ groom’s name
Flower girl/ring bearer went berserk

ripped his pants
You hooked up with a member of the wedding party

I will surely be able to cross off at least 2-3 of these tonight!  Stay posted.  In the mean time, enjoy wedding season and this light-hearted game to make it even more magical.

And if you get a BINGO - email me! I want to hear all about it. ;)


  1. HAHAHA that is fantastic!

  2. Greatish ExpectationsJuly 1, 2011 at 4:00 PM

    Haha! Seriously why do people feel like a wedding is the appropriate time to say things like "don't wear yourself out too much on the dance floor.. you'll need your strength later tonight.." etc. 

  3. I'm jealous of the saved by the bell wedding, but yes the oh so lovely and super expensive wedding season is in full force!!

  4. Wedding bingo.  Ha! Brilliant!

  5. LOL This post is awesome!  btw BINGO!! 

  6. how i've not seen this blog before is disgusting . . i'm feel like i'm looking at the man in the mirror. and if i had a dollar for every time i wanted to jackass-ily include "later that day i got started thinking about relationships" i'd be rich, but thankfully, i'd still be without the hook nose of SJP. (with offense.)

    love this!

  7. and as much as i hate to admit it, out of the weddings i remember to rsvp to (and am forced to attend) i've gotten a bingo for each. sick.



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