Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Oh No, I Swore I Would Never Do This...

But I sort of love Justin Bieber in this he channels a young Justin Timberlake, it was like I stepped in a time machine...a time machine headed straight for 2002.

I was taken back to the time in my life when that song said the words I wanted to shout in my college boyfriend's face.  J Tim was a victim of cheating, just like me.  I remember thinking, "Well if this can happen to Justin Timberlake, I don't feel so bad about myself! I would never do that to him..."

Oh, made this cougar feel young & angsty again. Thank call me when you turn 18!


  1. I don't know if I necessarily like the way Justin sounds in this video but it does make me reminisce about JusTimb a bit and I love Justin Bieber no matter what.

  2. That little boy needs to pull up his pants!!!

    I miss young JT, but I still love him and no matter how awkward the Biebs is, the kid's growing on me.

  3. He is growing on me!  I used to think he was too girly and mop headed...but now he is starting to look like a hot young man!!   He's still no J Timb....but he's getting there! 

  4. ME TOO!  I love JT...especially on SNL.  But Biebs is really growing up, and I like it a little more than I should probably admit!



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