Friday, August 19, 2011

2 Dates, 1 Night

As you may recall, I started online dating again during "Sorry For Partying July." However, traveling 20 days a month really makes it hard to incorporate the "dating" into the, what's a girl to do with only 4 days of free time in August? Something that I have ALWAYS wanted to try.... 2 Dates, 1 Night.

Going on two different dates in one night isn't necessarily on my Bucket List or anything - but it definitely satisfies my 2011 "Year of Yes." (My New Year's Resolution IS to go on more dates...) I honestly thought I was going to get a great blog story out of the evening...but sadly, they were both relatively attractive-ish, nice, sort of funny guys.

I was hoping for something stand out...funny or otherwise. I mean, wouldn't that be a great story to tell at your engagement party. "The night we met, you were date #2! But it was you who stole my heart." or something cheesy like that...and everyone would LOL and toast to him beating out the competition a la ABC's "The Bachelorette" style.

Alas, I wanted excitement, but I got white bread.
Bachelor #1: Mr. NICE.
If the only word someone can use to describe you is "NICE," - it means that you aren't interesting. Or funny. Or handsome. Or unique in any way.  So the fact that all I can think of to describe him is "NICE" should tell you the whole story.  I may still give him a second chance to see if maybe he is just shy...maybe.

Bachelor #2: Mr. CREEPSTER
Like a hipster wannabe, but creepier. It was like his sideburns ate the hair on the top of his head..."hipster mutton chops" like nobody's business, but with a slight hint of "sexual predator."  He had already struck out...with or without those sideburns.
Strike 1: He told me that he saw me on Fountain square one night and again walking on Main Street while he was riding the bus.  DON'T TELL ME THAT! I don't care if its true - I don't want to hear that you have been watching me from afar and from public transport before we ever met.
Strike 2: He rides a trick bike...he can't afford a car so he rides the bike that my 13 year old boyfriend rode around.
Strike 3: He texted me yesterday the following sentence "Hey babe, how's your bod?" When I refused to reply to that type of message, he said "Clearly you didn't get the Ferris Bueller reference."  NO - no I didn't because that just sounded creepy.  What I want to reply back to him is,  "Actually, the line is 'Hey Ferris, how's your bod? I heard you're dying.' BUT - I am not sick. I am not Ferris Bueller.  And I am not your 'babe.' Don't try to defend your way-too-familiar/sexual text message by hiding behind John Hughes. We're done here."  Instead, I just froze him out with radio silence.
During the dates, I didn't have a BAD time, per se....but at no point in the evening did I want either of them to touch me, let alone kiss me. So, back to the drawing board.

I just plan to keep on keepin' on.  Hopefully, as Bad Decision August rages on and The "Year of Yes" continues - I will meet someone that I actually WANT to touch me and completely forget about what's his name!


  1. This had me cracking up: "Don't try to defend your way-too-familiar/sexual text message by hiding behind John Hughes."

  2. Happy to make you smile!!

  3. SO JEALOUS!!! Put this shit on your resume! 

  4. Haha! Ew, he "watched you from the bus" - gross!!! But wow, two dates in one night. Pretty impressive. Pretty sweet blog you got going on here. I'm definitely coming back to read follower :)



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