Friday, August 5, 2011

Getting Drunk BEFORE Boarding A Flight - Bad Decision? You Betcha!

As I started to sip on my second glass of wine at delta sky club, (please note that the first one was poured to the point of overflowing...I had to bend down and sip off the top to be able to walk with was awesome) my stream of consciousness started to get interesting...

"My Stream Of Consciousness: After 1.5 Glasses of Delta Sky Club Chardonnay"
I love cheese. OOOH! I should make that my Facebook status!

Oh shit! Am I drunk? Maybe. But only 1.5 glasses? Well I didn't eat much today. Thank god for cheese!
Maybe I should put that in my status?

(Noticing Senator Rockefeller being interviewed on CNN) Rockefellers.  Didn't they die off in the 1900's. Like the Kennedys? If not....I need to marry a Rockefeller.  Not for the money, but doesn't Courtney Rockefeller have a nice ring to it??

But I don't want people to think I am a gold digger.  Maybe I should just legally change my name?  Especially since I don't necessarily believe in taking my husband's last name when I get married.

OOH! Maybe I should post THAT to facebook... NO! You are drunk.....

Did you just talk to yourself? 


Well done, Delta Sky Club.  Well done! 

Now make sure that gets on the blog before you black out. And by black out I mean order a third glass.


  1. I didnt realize flying sober was an options ..... haha...... You go Girl!!

  2. hahahaha awesome!
    I love it when they don't skimp on the wine/beer/whiskey etc.

  3. SisterMerryHellishAugust 7, 2011 at 12:04 PM

    I've got to start hanging out in airport bars when I run out of blog material.  Like everyday!

  4. The title of this post alone made me laugh. Awesomeness. 



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