Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Bad Decision August!!!

I have good news and bad news....

The Good News is that I kicked off Bad Decision August at an AMAZING Concert this week.  The Bad News is that I didn't accidentally make out with a stranger while there. (like last year)

This week, I basically become a ticket scalper.  Between trying to score tickets for friends to attend Lollapalooza and selling (at a mark up!) extra tickets for The Glitch Mob and Phantogram concert - I think I have found my new calling.   I didn't make a killing - but I did get enough for a round of drinks for Mademoiselle BlondeMess and I.  And to be honest, I NEEDED to make some money on those tickets.  Why?  Because I figured that if I was going to be surrounded by 16 year old girls  wearing clothing with less coverage than my Victoria's Secret Bikini, then I was going to need a drink...and make it a double.

The concert was PHENOMENAL...easily the best show I have seen all year.  If you are unfamiliar with Glitch Mob, then I highly recommend you watch this video...then picture me in the front row eye fucking the one on the far left.  I don't know if he was feeling me, too...but I will try to find out this weekend at Lollapalooza!

I am currently chugging my wine in the Delta Sky Club, preparing my liver for the weekend ahead!  More updates to come...enjoy - and go forth, make some bad decisions!

"You'll regret the things you didn't do far more than the ones you did." - HauteMess (I may have plagiarized that...)


  1. I am sold..... GREAT JOB!!!...I am now actively seeking all the bad decisions I can possibly make this week.. Thanks for the nudge in the right direction! 8 )

  2. You are MORE than welcome!  Now don't leave me out of the loop - i want to hear all about it! :)

  3. i love their remix of seven nation army.

    love, little.

  4. Enjoy Lolla! I hear we are having good weather this weekend :) 



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