Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Real Events from the Delta Skyclub during Hurricane Irene

A man in the SkyClub hit on me by telling me that I have the most incredible eyes of all time.  The only thought in my head was, "HA! My eye makeup from last night must have been REALLY good." AND  "My eyes are so bloodshot because I am still drunk." Then he asked if I was in town for the Dave Matthews Band concert...I barfed in my mouth.

A pregnant mother wrestled her unruly toddler to the ground and tried to restrain it...I considered opening my purse and taking today's and TOMORROW'S birth control pills pointedly, in plain sight while making eye contact with her. I imagined she would look back at me and smile, in agreement.


  1. Dave Matthews eh?  You should have asked him if that used to work when he was in college, in the mid-90s.

    Before he could answer, you would have to interrupt him and say, no it didn't.

  2. That would have been SOO good! But for some reason I tried to be nice...FAIL.

  3. I hate people's kids with a passion. Especially the unruly ones. It makes me wonder how people actually WANT to be parents. Ewughck. 



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