Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A Common Mistake

While riding the Amtrak from Philly up to New York, I dozed off somewhere in New Jersey. When I awoke, I found myself sitting next to STANLEY TUCCI! He was asleep, but he looked exactly how I thought a sleeping Stanley Tucci would look. To be sure, I consulted Google Images and held my iPhone up next to his face for comparison.
YEP! Just like Stanley Tucci.

I immediately turned the flash on my camera off and tried to get a picture with him…then I realized that it may look like I drugged and violated him…so instead I just mentally noted all the important questions I had for him. “SO, what’s is Meryl Streep like?” “How pumped is he to be cast in The Hunger Games??” “Did he creep himself out during The Lovely Bones?”

Then he opened his eyes…false alarm. Not Stanley Tucci at all.


  1. Damn! Those were legit questions, too!

  2. aw. i'm so sad. i wanted to hear about meryl.



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