Monday, September 26, 2011

Paris Day 2

PAREEEEEE Day 2: Sights and Ice

Most of our second day in Paris was spent one culturally significant endeavors...

Musee D'Orsay
274 Steps to the top of the Arc de Triomphe

Inside the Louvre, looking up through the pyramid.
The famous symbol of France!
And then we went to a bar where we discovered that one of the best sellers is Schmirnoff ice!

While bar hopping through the Bastille District, Mr. GayMess and I had the following conversation:
Mr. GayMess: I just got pick pocketed by a gay man.
Me: I didnt know you had a hand job!
Mr. GayMess: NOOO. It was a pick pocket.
Me: By a gay man?
Mr. GayMess: Yes. But he didnt find anything.
Me: So... it WAS a hand job. 
Then while discussing our insecurities with speaking French:
Mr. GayMess: I want to speak to them, but I know that I will just look crazy.
Me: Yeah, Foreign people are a lot like ghosts... You see them, but you never speak TO them because you aren't crazy.
Mr. GayMess: *gesturing to the old man behind him with white hair like Einstein*... Or because their hair frightens the fuck out of you and you can't look at them.


  1. Pickpocket or handjob? Same diff.

    And foreign people with scary hair are never fun.

  2. haha!  The sad thing is...there are so many with scary hair! :)



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