Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Paris: Trip to Saint-Émilion

To break up the our trip to France a bit - Mr. GayMess and I decided to go to Bordeaux.  I loved Paris, but I knew that I couldn't be that close to French wine country without dousing myself in a vat of red wine!

A Funny Thing Happened...

When we went to check into the lovely 17th Century Chateau Bed & Breakfast that we booked... It was a little awkward to find out they recently dubbed themselves "The Love Castle" with my cousin!

This was made worse when we found the room only had one bed.

As hard as we tried to forget that this B&B had recently decided to become a romantic destination for lovers, the wifi network name continued to remind us everytime we turned on our smartphones.

ME: "I can't believe we are at a place called "loves castle""
MR. GAYMESS: "well you better start believing it because we are about to sleep together.. Technically speaking."

And then we found Saint-Émilion...

François, our Love Castle Director, was simply flabbergasted that we would arrive to a countryside B&B with no car.  Despite my constant determination to make public transport work, he was insistent that we needed someone to drive us around.  Thankfully for us, a German couple saved us from what was certain to be the most awkward 26kilometer ride of our lives with François.

He convinced them to drive to Saint-Émilion and take us with them.  And thank goodness he did - we would have lost so much time waiting on the sparse buses to take us from place to place.  We ended up befriending the Germans and had a wonderful afternoon in a medieval city planted directly in the middle of amazing vineyards!
ME: "This is so neat. It's SOOO old."
MR. GAYMESS: "We have things this old in the U.S. They're Indian burial mounds."

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