Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Another Year Older, Another Year...

I turned 29 this past weekend!!!  To celebrate, I did the same thing I do every year...

  1. I overworked myself every day leading up to the big day...obsessing over throwing the perfect over-the-top theme party. (This year was Roaring 20s - to celebrate the last year of MY roaring 20s) (Previous years were "High School Kegger - Dress like a high school stereotype", "Quarter Life Crisis: Come Dressed as What You Really Wanted to Be When You Grew Up", "Countdown to Cougar", "You Only Turn 21 Once (a year)")
  2. I  ate as little as possible so that I could look AH-MAH-ZING in my specially selected party dress.
  3. I consumed approximately 2 bottle of champagne, 4 oz of gin, and a shot of Moonshine.
  4. I danced my face off, blew out my birthday candles, and soaked up being the center of attention for hours!
  5. I passed out wearing my full face of make up and party dress.
  6. I woke up in same party dress and make up - hair still held in place with 25 bobby pins, and immediately poured a glass of champagne.
  7. I peer pressured The Muchacho into drinking champagne, we turned on Girl Talk, and started cleaning my house. (drinking champagne first thing in the morning on your birthday really takes the edge off of cleaning)
  8. Got drunk, turned on the fog machine and the red light in the makeshift Speakeasy that I constructed in my basement and had a 10am dance party. 
  9. Passed out while attempting to watch "The Goonies" TWICE...not once, but TWICE! (still wearing my flapper costume...hair, makeup, pearls, everything...)
  10. Woke up with a sore throat and a cold.

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