Monday, October 24, 2011

Halloween Costume 1: HauteMess Golightly

This weekend is like my own personal Super Bowl...I have been preparing all year to dazzle the crowds for Halloween.  Costumes are my passion, and I created not just one but FIVE costumes this year!

SO - now that I am done creating my costumes, I am offering my services to YOU this week!  Need help with costume ideas?  I am here to help you dress as something besides a "Sexy Clich√©."  Email me if you don't get what you need from the blog:

HauteMess Halloween Costume #1: Hungover Holly Golightly

Holly Golightly is one of the most epic characters of all time.  Audrey Hepburn made the world fall in love with a perpetually selfish, gold-digging party girl who may or may not have given sexual favors in "the powder room." The picture of her wearing the long black dress and rhinestone tiara is revered as a symbol of class and elegance...even though she was actually doing a walk of shame, likely drunk eating that pastry and contemplating theft. God I love her!

However, MY favorite image of Holly is the one where she wakes up past noon, hungover, wearing a sexy man's tuxedo shirt while her new neighbor "Fred" rambles on.

And because I already know that I will feel EXACTLY like this on Day 3 of MoogFest, I knew this would be a perfect costume to create!

Key Element # 1: The "I Probably Just Had Sex" Look
The oversized Tuxedo Sleep shirt  (you can pick a discounted one one up here) is a critical element of this costume.  The only relevant thing I ever learned from Tom Cruise was that people LOVE lots of leg peeking out from under a crisp white shirt (Risky Business, yo).   

The power of this shirt is that it turns regular BedHead into sex hair in 5 buttons flat! 

Because I am tall - I didn't trust a regular oversized shirt to cover my ass, so I bought a Boyfriend Shirt Dress and used a seam ripper, a gray paint pen, and a sharpie marker to create the tux effect.

Key Element #2: The "I Couldn't Care Less About What You Are Saying" Pieces
The quintessential costume pieces that make this Holly Golightly and not just some drunk bridesmaid who woke up in the wrong outfit are the Eye Mask and Ear Plugs.

I have been wearing the I bought Eye Mask from Fred Flare for months now - it is actually the piece that inspired the whole costume.  For $15, it is an adorable knockoff of the iconic mask.

The ear plugs were a little harder - I love the tassels, but hate the idea of wearing something in my ears all night. SO I decided to make tassel earrings.  At Jo-Ann Fabric, I found a couple options to make my own earrings. A smaller, subtler sized, pre-made tassel that resembled the movie earplugs OR I could make a brighter & danglier pair myself.

I picked up two 39cent packs of embroidery yarn, blue copper wire, and earring hooks is all it took to make earrings that will stand out against my hair and be noticed in my Facebook photos! 

And...TA DA!  HauteMess Golightly reporting for Hungover Halloween duty!  (all for under $50!)

Other costumes I am willing to post this week are: Princess Sweet Dee from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Black Swan & White Swan, and the quintessential 2011 Zombie. Which ones do YOU want to see?


  1. This is absolutely amazing! I LOVE IT! <3

  2. Love this costume! I always make my own, too! 

  3. This is a great costume!! 

  4. Thank you!  For very little effort, it turned out super cute!

  5. Isn't making your own is sooo much more rewarding!?  I love this time of year.

  6. Thank you!!  I am excited to wear it.

  7. Done!  Check out today's post for more "Black Swan How To" :)



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