Friday, October 21, 2011

If The World Ends...This Is What I Will Be Doing....

Happy End of the World Friday! (in case you didn't know, that was dripping with sarcasm)

It's that time of year again - not just the time where Harold Camping pretends to know when the world will end, BUT  ALSO the time for PUMPKINS!

Mr. GayMess and Senorita CalienteMess are coming over tonight for a good ol' fashioned Pumpkin Pre-Party.  We will drink pumpkin spiced beer and spiced wine while create artful masterpieces on a Pumpkin Canvas.

But, when Mr. GayMess asked if THIS is what we should be doing "at the end of the world," I simply answered, "DUH. And if that isn't exciting enough, then we can rob a bank or something.  Maybe we can wear the pumpkins on our head and rob banks.  WOW - I just came up with another GAZILLION dollar movie idea! The Legend of Sleepy Hollow meets Dead Presidents."

However, since not all of us were particularly skilled at carving, (I am looking directly at you, CalienteMess!)...

I have decided to use my new "glittering" skills to create stunningly gorgeous backup pumpkins! (also because CalienteMess can't be trusted with sharp objects after last year's "Cut Your Own" bangs fiasco!)  I'll let you know how it goes! :)


  1. OOoh I should definitely try the glittering the pumpkin idea rather than cutting it up since mine always look like a toddler accident. 

  2. I know!  I have to use stencils to make mine, and even then my success rate is below 50%! :)  Glitter makes everything better, though!

  3. Pumpkin spiced beer? I MUST try this!

    The glittery pumpkins are pretty. Fun!
    That's up my a

    lley of style as knives and I are not friends this year.
    (4 stitches and a tetnus shot)

  4. Those glitter pumpkins are AWESOME.

  5. Hopefully mine are equally awesome...but I have a fear that Bitchy Little Rat Dog will have more on her glitter stick to her nose than to the pumpkin! :)

  6. OH NO!  How did you cut yourself?  Yes - pumpkin spice makes everything better - even beer! :)


    Easier to read about it than to write it out in your comment section.

    Where you get spiced beer? Is it a local thing or mirco brewy?

  8. Blue Moon makes pumpkin ale.  The others at the store were micro-brews.  And the spiced wine is called "Witch's Brew"



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