Wednesday, October 19, 2011

No, really...THIS Is the End of the World As We Know It...Probably

Good old Harold Camping is at it again....  (For those of you who missed my incredibly accurate and insightful description of the rapture, you can read it here.)

The end of the world didn't happen on May 21st like he definitively promised it would, so he is now claiming that his calculations were just a teensy bit off.  The Rapture is now on OCTOBER 21st. Probably. 

Judging from the looks of the cat, the only thing at risk of expiring this week is HIM.

I love crazy people as much as the next gal, but this shiester convinced his followers to donate all their worldly possessions to him last May because the world was ending.   When asked if he would return the money - of course he said, "NO." My prediction? Saturday Headlines Read: "World Still Here. Harold Camping Still Rich From Your Donations."

In the unlikely event that the world disappears on Friday, I think I would like to be in my Black Swan costume...because I am really proud of hand making it and would hate for the world to end before I rocked it for Halloween.  Also, I will be sipping champagne.

So now, I know what I am doing Friday night.  Where will YOU be when the world DOESN'T end this Friday?


  1. I'll be at the bar toasting you with not a glass, but a bottle of vodka. Maybe I'll don my candy striper outfit for this occasion. This guy just screams saggy old vagina. 

  2. I'm going to guess NOT being raptured naked to heaven with all the people who were perfect their entire lives..because those people don't exist...and I'm pretty sure I'm headed South for the rapture.

  3. I will be attending a small town comedy show.... go out laughing!

  4. I think I might just put on a costume, dance around my apartment drunk and singing so if I go out I am doing my favorite thing

  5. Vodka and candy stripers?  Sounds like my ideal retirement home - but in my dreams the candy stripers look like Chace Crawford!

  6. Yes - well, if the world IS going to end, I may get naked anyway! :)

  7. Love it!  What exactly is a "small town" comedy show? Based on the 5,000 person town I grew up in, I imagine an open mic night featuring the mayor, the trash man, and my kindergarten teacher making blonde jokes!

  8. Ummm... can we be roommates??  That sounds like the best Friday ever!



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