Monday, November 28, 2011

Like the McRib, MFFBF Is Back! (for a limited time only)

It is my pleasure to announce once again, that I am officially off the market for real Holiday Boyfriends....I now have my very own MFFBF (Mother Fucking Fake Boyfriend) for the 2011 holidays.

It is the time for romantic holiday cheer, cookie baking, ice skating, cuddling on the couch with booze and Home Alone/Elf, and opening presents from those who love you!  Those who are coupled up, do. Those who aren't, may simply engage in a contractual relationship (with very clear terms) with a worthy adversary.

That is right - another year, another napkin contract!  More gifts, more triple cuddles with Bitchy Little Rat Dog, more movies, and more cheesy holiday festivities!  I can't even wait to show you all what I got him for Christmas!

(who knows - maybe this year it will turn into an epic love story like Ronald Miller and Cindy Mancini)

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