Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Resolution: Becoming a Vegan Without Becoming THAT Vegan

We all know THAT guy or THAT know, of the "Don't be THAT guy/girl" fame.  The guy who gets blackout drunk and pukes at happy hour. The girl who brings wine to a dinner party and takes it home afterwards if the bottle isn't empty. The guy who refuses to wear a costume to a Halloween Party.  The girl who wears white to someone else's wedding.   We all know them, or some iteration of them.  And mostly, everyone despises them.

In my new quest to become a vegan, I am now realizing the extreme prejudice that many people have against vegans.  I see this mostly by looking in their eyes and recognizing the exact same look that I used to give vegans...the overstraining eye muscles trying to keep them them from rolling and the half smile that quietly says, "Fine, I get it. You are so enlightened. You gave up cheese. Don't you dare ruin my love for all things meaty."

There is even a joke that goes like this:
-  How do you find a vegan at a party?
-  Oh, don't worry, they'll find you!

I definitely want to be a vegan...but I never want to become THAT vegan.  The one who tells you all the brutal ways animals are killed to make that steak you are enjoying.  The one who says that they have never felt cleaner/healthier/lighter.  The ones who talk about how this was how God intended us to eat.  The ones who throw shade at carnivores.  The ones who can never stop reminding you that they made a choice to give up animal products.

So right now, I pledge to myself that I will be honest at all times....I will never pretend that it wasn't the hardest thing I have ever done to sit at happy hour tonight as a warm plate of brie with fruit compote was passed around.  I will not tell you that the fruit I ate in the car on my way to happy hour was as satisfying as the margherita pizza that everyone else enjoyed.  I will not tell you that I love spending hours preparing vegetables in new and different ways.  I will not tell you that I don't secretly want to grab that cookie out of your hand and shove it in my mouth then run away.

Honestly, I am certain that I will grow to like this lifestyle...but I will always love my old unrestricted diet more.  I love animals, and the things I have read this week on PETA's website will haunt me forever...but I don't really think that I am going to save them all.  I read that I can save 90 per year...but I don't really believe that.  Therefore, I also admit that I need this lifestyle to provide some cosmetic benefits to keep going after this first month.  If I don't lose at least 15lbs in the next 6 months, I am probably going to eat a cheeseburger covered in bacon with a side of manchego, aged gouda, and boursin.  

I promise that I will never preach or become pretentious.  I will never post recipes or tell you how awesome my kale tastes.  I will not become THAT vegan!


  1. as a new/old/new again vegan i feel your pain/enlightenment. but you're totally on the right track. people really don't notice/care what you are or aren't eating. it's only when you make a big deal out of it yourself. it's easier to play the lactose-intolerant card than talk about baby cows being taken away from their mamas for milk (and after a few weeks, after the yuck detox stage is over, if you have any dairy even by accident you will feel lactose intolerant. you're insides will be messed up!) same with meat. i lost 12 lbs the 1st 6 wks and i think a total of 20 lbs in 4 months. and it's easy to keep off, you don't even have to exercise. but trust me on this, the week you throw caution to the wind and enjoy fried goat cheese and a chick fil a sandwich, 10 lbs will jump directly back onto your ass. good luck! and i'm on a cleanse right now to get rid of the awful (yet delicious!) ish i've been eating the past few months. oh! so every vegan will recommend books. skinny bitch and the kind diet are the best. you're welcome :) 

  2. Thank you for the book reco!  I read Skinny Bitch - but still need to get the Kind Diet!  

    I probably could lose 25lbs and be at peak health and prime shape for shopping!  I am also picking up yoga to help meditate...hopefully that will also help with the cosmetic benefits! :)

    Good luck with your cleanse - let me know how that goes!

  3. Hey don't knock kale. I'm not even vegan and I love that shit. I eat more vegetables than anything else these days but I love my animal products too much to ever go vegan, or even vegetarian. Good luck though, being vegan almost killed my sister but that was the crohns disease more than anything else. 

  4. Feel free to post recipes if the mood strikes :)

  5. Don't get me wrong...the kale I made this week was AMAZING!  But I really hope that I never get to a point where I think "kale" is an interesting topic to blog about. :)

  6. :)  But only if they are really really good!! ;)

  7. Oh haha! I just stumbled on your blog and love it - especially since I'm starting to be a temporary vegan for three weeks on Monday - because I accidentally agreed to do it. I think it will be good for me but really hard. If you come across any good recipes please please let me know but I know for a fact that I will not eat kale. Ever :)

  8. I am in transition to become a vegan myself.  I don't want to be that kind of vegan either, but as far as my blog goes, i'll post whatever I want since i'm not forcing anyone to read it (by this I mean recipes, etc.) I did have one post back in October that explained what made me switch to being a vegetarian, and since then i've never written details about the meat industry.  Unfortunately, I feel that many people just don't know the details- the fur industry included.  I don't want to be the annoying vegan that only talks about being vegan. so lame. but if people are interested, why not share?  I think either extreme is bad.  I do love this post.  Especially since I totally know what you mean when you say "that" vegan.


  9. hahha I'm a vegetarian, but not THAT vegetarian. Mostly because I wine wine and cheese and chocolate.

  10. Thanks!  So far, I have been digging for recipes and the scoop on which vegan products i NEED in my life....including QUESO!!!!  

    I applaud your tenacity sticking with this diet on an accidental dare! Let me know how I can help!

    (note: kale can be blended into a banana & strawberry smoothie and as long as it it really really blended, it tastes like fruit!)

  11. Thank you!  I can't wait to check out your blog.  I will definitely post important vegan news .... like finding vegan QUESO this week!  (i couldn't be more excited!) 

    Honestly, making this switch causes me to think about food at least 3 times more than I used to...I just don't want to talk about my food 3 times more than usual.  I want people to still know all that OTHER stuff about me, too!  I will def not be a mute vegan, just not THAT vegan. ;)

  12. Girlfriend, you have no idea how much I agree with you!  Wine, cheese, and dark chocolate are the three items I would take with me to a desert island!

  13. Wow, I clearly didn't mean to write I "wine wine." I love wine and cheese and chocolate. Whoopsies!

  14. That site rocks, thank! I don't believe you about the kale but I'll try :)

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