Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Day Bonus

Since Leap Day is a bonus day that 2012 gives us, I will give you all a special flashback bonus today.

Over Christmas, while scrounging around my parents' house for silly items to place under the Christmas Tree, I happened upon this little gem....
Why yes, that IS a Glamour Shot from the best day I have ever spent at the Mall in my life.  And yes, I not so secretly wish that there was an adult Glamour Shots to ask for for my upcoming 30th birthday in October!  And YES, I also found another Glamour Shot that looked like I was only wearing a blue feather boa.

Now, for the real question... How old do you think I am in that picture?

Happy Leap Day!

[Spoiler Alert: Answer in the comments section]


  1. Omg. I have some too and they made me look 10 years older at least! Kind of creepy hind sight but totally amazing at the time. Lol. So I guess you were... 11? If only they still did these. Sigh.

  2. err 12? LOL that pic reminds me of Robin's something about the mall music video from How I Met Your Mother. God I wish I could do one of them shots.

  3. Oh I can only imagine how young you actually must be.
    My first and last attempt at a glamour shot was when I was 17 and made me look at least 45…To my horror my Mum thinks it's awesome and has immortalised it in framed form right on the hallway wall directly opposite the front door.I've tried to discretely make it disappear but somehow she manages to produce replicas.Why God, WHY?!

  4. GOOD GUESS!  I was 10...going on 30! :)

    Do you think they would make near 30 year olds look younger or older?

  5.  ROBIN SPARKLES!! God I wish I had old music videos! 

  6. Hahaha!  I love it - does your mom have multiple shots she hangs around the house with different outfits and poses?  Because that would be even better. :)

  7. To all those who are wondering how old Lil HauteMess was during the Glamour Shot photoshoot...the answer is 10!  TEN YEARS OLD.  I am pretty sure I could have used that to make a fake ID.

  8. oh my goodness! you look like a real estate agent! hello...this is hautemess from keller-williams...I would like to show your property on paxton avenue...

  9. The photo is so 80's. Cute)

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