Sunday, February 5, 2012

My Favorite Thing About The Super Bowl...The Commercials!

In the past, I attended parties just so I could participate in the societal norm of pretending to be interested in a Football game so that I could watch and discuss the awesome commercials with the other football virgins in the room.  However, YouTube has allowed me to forgo those old formalities, have the Best Sunday Ever (a.k.a. last year's trip to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter), AND still pay homage to the most watched event of the year...Super Bowl Commercials!

[Please note: I won my Fantasy Football league this Football is not totally lost on me...but I do enjoy the irreverence of NOT watching the game even more than donating 4 hours of my life that I will never get back to two teams that I don't really care about]

Today, I walked Bitchy Little Rat Dog to our neighborhood park so I could swing in the 50 degree weather (the swing set has a swing so high that my feet don't even reach the ground - so fun!), I engaged in a Vegan Cookie Bake Off with Mr. GayMess, I watched hours of Golden Girls Season 4,  and then -- I went to YouTube's adblitz channel and took part in my favorite part of Super Bowls: laughing, crying, and critiquing commercials.

 Here is my personal "Best Of" list:

It is like Toyota stole my dream diary and made all of my wildest come true...I want EVERYTHING they  joke about inventing! (everything except a Camry...I love my Maxima) That blender needs to NOW!

If you have been feeling a little uninspired in the this David Beckham commercial on repeat until it is burned in your brain. As long as you can close your eyes and picture this, you will never need to fake it again...

I loved the Volkswagen commercial last year with the little Darth Vader...but this one is just as good! A good dog commercial is enough to tug at my heart strings...I felt sad, I giggled, and I felt triumphant with this pooch! Overall, an amazingly crafted commercial!

Ferris Bueller is BACK! Although Matthew Broderick is a little older, fatter, and slightly dead behind the eyes now...I will NEVER turn down a Ferris Bueller montage. I LOVED this!

Apparently, this year's Commercial Theme is 90's TV revival. From Seinfeld to Stamos...the 90s are alive, well, and funny!

I actually LOL'd at the 18second it's kind of neat to see all of the people who invented the apps and programs that I use on a daily basis.

What did you think of the commercials??

Hope you all enjoyed your Sunday, however you chose to celebrate!  (And congrats to any Giants fans out there!)

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  1. My favorite was the Doritos commercial with the dog! 



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