Thursday, February 16, 2012

Shocking Confession: I Just Remembered Why My Kitchenware Sucks

Mismatched to the max
My kitchen is a cornucopia of hand-me downs, second hand store purchases, and flea market finds from back in my collegiate days.  I have been using a set of pots and pans my dad bought in an estate sale 9 years ago...who knows how old they were when the old lady croaked.  If I ever need something new, I raid my mom's kitchen.   Yes, at age 29, I still steal from my mother's kitchen when I need a new wire whisk or a food processor.  WHY? Because she doesn't cook, anyway.  She has never missed a single thing I took!  And honestly, she doesn't mind.  Her only request thus far is that I don't take her meatloaf pan because she plans to maybe make it "next week." (note: she still hasn't made that meatloaf...and it has been months)

Yes, those are disposable shot glasses...
It wasnt until I got really into cooking recently (part of my whole vegan transition) that I started realizing how woefully mismatched and often shitty my kitchen gadgets are. I thought to myself, "Why haven't I replaced any of this shit in the past 8 years?"  And then it hit me...

When I was 22 and moving to Cincinnati, I had a brilliant idea to save money while furnishing my apartment... "Why pay for new kitchen stuff when I will just register for it all when I get married?!"

Yes.  I JUST realized that my kitchenware sucks because I have been waiting to get engaged and register at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for the past 7 years.  Pathetic.  #singlewhitegirlproblems

So now, I am starting small, but little by little I will replace my entire kitchen with awesome kitchen goods (but only the practical kind...because who REALLY needs a waffle iron?).  I finally give up on waiting for other people to give me gifts, and leading the charge to make my kitchen look like someone besides a hobo lives here.

Next up: Towels.  I am still using the towels I got as a HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION GIFT. (My initials may or may not be monogrammed on them)


  1. It's really just easier to use hand-me-downs. And inexpensive! I think you're winning.

  2. You took a picture of my kitchen cabinets!

  3. HAHA! 28 I still haven't decided what I want to be when I grow up because I am still hoping Mr Right will come along and make me a house wife. Compared to that, your kitchenware situation is WAY more rational. LOL. Love it!

  4. Oh my dear Hautmess & Candy Cakes! How you speak to my soul....



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