Thursday, March 8, 2012

The Nail in the Match.Com Coffin

I officially quit all forms of online dating.

As you may recall, I decided to sign up for in January to put myself out there and meet more people.  As it turns out, the person who ripped off my profile and opened a fake Plenty of Fish account in order to scam people was ALSO trying to cast a wider net.

Yes, you read correctly. Some scammer took my photos, my username, and my self description to create a fake dating profile on a free dating website (one that I have never tried).  When guys would email "me," "I" would apparently ask them to send me their personal information to an email account containing the words "sailor" and "moon."

I only found out because a nice enough fella sent me a message last week stating:
Nice (but ugly) Fella: "I think your Plenty of Fish profile was hacked. Or else you aren't nearly as witty and charming as your profile would suggest."
Me: "I highly doubt that. I don't have a Plenty of Fish account. That has to be the lamest pickup line ever."
Nice (but ugly) Fella: "No really.  Here is the link...."
Sho' nuff' - the link led straight to my doppleganger, scammer profile.  I reported the profile, and it has since been removed. BUT I still feel so creeped out and violated.  Now, every time some ugly dude gives me side eye, I will have to wonder whether or not he thinks that I scammed him.

Sigh. #singlewhitegirlproblems


  1. got to love the creepiness of the internet, my gmail and twitter have already been hacked. Fucking assholes.

  2. Oh, God.   I had no idea about THAT kind of crap going on.  And to think I was all excited because I was beginning to read right through the scammers who were widowed, with children and currently working in Nigeria.

    For just another 4-5 weeks though.

    I'm so over this online stuff.

  3. Cheers for a very good post. You have given me satisfaction to every post i read here. Hope you keep on sharing relevant information to all your readers.

  4. Omg...gross! I had no idea that even happened! What exactly is the point of that...? Sailor? Moon? This is all just way too weird. Lol. Sorry "you" got caught up in it. Sigh. The world is just so creepy.

  5. I'm appauld. Really. I am. That is shifty, and awkward, and intrusive, and disgusting. But at the same time: I AM LAUGHING MY ASS OFF!!!!!!!!

    Sitcom material. That's all I'm sayin'

  6. Uhhhhhh..... speaking of awkward. 

  7. I'm shocked! Didn't realize someone could hack!!! 

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