Wednesday, March 21, 2012

#Singlewhitegirlproblems - Spring 2012 Edition

Yes.... this was a real thought that went through my head while Online "Window Shopping" yesterday on the first day of Spring:
Ughhh. 2012 was supposed to be my year, but apparently pastels are in this season. So...eff.  #singlewhitegirlproblems

P.S. No, but really, I literally look terrible in pastels!  #singlewhitegirlproblems

P.P.S. In all seriousness, I hope 2013 brings back deep hues and vivids... I can't keep doing this neon & pastel shit. #singlewhitegirlproblems

P.P.P.S. On an unrelated note, the "wet hair look" must DIE. #realproblems
Seriously?!?! Gross, Glamour Magazine, gross.


  1. Salmon is back this full force. Salmon and Coral. I feel like I should go swimming somewhere tropical. I miss jewel tones, but I suppose those are for winter/fall

    As for the wet hair look, it just looks greasy and gross. Def has to go.

  2. I can maybe pull off coral because there are some brighter, more saturated hue options...but salmon? That just makes me look yellow-ish. :)

  3. I'll just not wash my hair for three days and show those skinny model bitches what the wet look really looks like... stupid trend! 

  4. The greasy wet trend was only cool on guys, the T-byrds specifically, in one movie. Grease. That is it! Never! Let me repeat, NEVER will it work in women. Sick!

  5. Ah ha! So that's what I'm sporting after a week of not washing my hair - Sophisticated wet look - NOT skungy lazy skank look. Brilliant!

  6. Wet hair look? *vomit*  Whose idea was that anyway?! And just because pastels are in, doesn't mean you can't still rock the jewel tones. ;)



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