Thursday, May 24, 2012

You Might Be A HauteMess If...

Good news kids...I am still a haute-fucking mess. I haven't been going out much since my dad's death, but I have been ridic nonetheless.

You might be a HauteMess if...
You stay up until 7:30am one night just to finish Fifty Shades of Grey...and you needed to be up by 9am to drive to a family wedding.

You might be a HauteMess if...
You drink half a bottle of Jack Daniels while playing 36 holes of putt putt...before remembering that you invited your mom over to watch movies.

You might be a HauteMess if...
After a family wedding, you won't back down from your cousin's drunken dare...even though it will sabotage all of your bar flirtations ... The Dare? Replying to all future suitors questions/comments with mouthed fart noises.

You might be a HauteMess if...
You accidentally drink an entire bottle of wine while watching "White Collar" on Netflix...especially since it is your new obsession to damper your "Fifty Shades of Grey" obsession.

Happy HauteMess Long Weekend!!

1 comment:

  1. Love Fifty Shades...stayed up till like 3am so I think I am not quite Hautemess material :) 



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