Thursday, May 31, 2012

Zombies! Eff.

My obsession with zombies began as an innocent one... Then things took a dark turn this week.

  • In the beginning, I bought a shirt from Urban Outfitters for Halloween that said "I'm A Fucking Zombie," and that became my Moogfest costume. I was so into the sweater that I learned how to do impeccable Zombie Makeup.
  • Then I discovered the game "Plants vs. Zombies" on my iPhone. (innumerable hours lost)
  • Then I was turned on to a new running app for your iPhone called "Run. Zombies!" This app transports you to (an imaginary) post zombie apocalyptic era where you must run specific distances to gather life-saving supplies and outrun the zombies to survive... I have been told it is an excellent tool for speed training and taking your mind off of running. I paid 8.99 for it and downloaded it to my iPhone with high hopes of making running fun again....still need to try it out. (I hear its amazing...please google it!)
  • Then a friend gave me a gift certificate for Feed - book 1 of the Newsflesh zombie trilogy. The book does a fantastic job explaining the fictional science of how zombies could actually be possible....and it's about bloggers! (looking forward to reading it)
  • Yesterday morning, my Pandora station pulled up a long-forgotten favorite of mine by The Cranberries... "Zombie." (of course I bought it on iTunes afterwards)
Minutes after I excitedly recounted all my new Zombie experience with Señorita CalienteMess.... I stumbled upon a Times news article that changed it all forever.

So what did I do? I drank wine straight out of a box...Alone. Because a man ate the face off of another man in Florida this week... And there are some things you just can't un-know.

[ #singlewhitegirlproblems or #humanityproblems ??]

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