Sunday, June 24, 2012

HauteMess Recommends: Buy This Now

Unlike magazine editors (and even some bloggers) who recommend products that they likely got for free, I don't have those same perks.  So, just like you, I pay for all of my own things.  I shop, I sample, I get obsessed, I want to share.  So this is "HauteMess Recommends: Buy This Now," a series about my current & eternal obsessions that I think are worth the money, so you should go out and buy immediately.  
(Note: All product recommendations in this series will always be unsolicited, but I am not above receiving free shit someday...I just wouldn't recommend it until I put my money where my mouth is.)

If I were to build a Hangover Readiness Kit (like a disaster readiness kit or a survivalist bomb shelter kit), it would include ibuprofen, fried potatoes, The Goonies on DVD, a snuggie, and Coconut Water.  If the other things aren't available, then just ibuprofen and Coconut Water.

Coconut Water is incredibly hydrating with all kinds of natural electrolytes that you likely peed or puked out the night before.  The only problem with Coconut Water is the taste.  I have heard Captain Inappropriate compare it to going down on a girl...I have also heard Madame MarriedMess call it Jizz Water.  Although I don't know enough about the former to comment and I disagree with the latter, the taste of Coconut Water has been forever ruined for me.

Until now...Zico Chocolate Coconut Water.

Yes, I know this sounds strange.  The first time I saw someone drink it, I had tons of questions. "Wait, you're drinking coconut water in the middle of the day and you aren't hungover?" "Hey, are you sipping on that slowly instead of gulping it while its still ice cold so that you don't really have to taste it?" "Chocolate?? REALLY?!?! That seems gross." "Is it good? I mean, like, really good?"

As my friend patiently explained that although it would never pass for chocolate milk, it was actually quite tasty.  She was drinking it to rehydrate from an intense morning workout.

I tried it yesterday after working outside for 1.5 hours in 90 degree heat (by working outside, I mean sitting on my backporch in a bikini with my laptop desk) and it was GLORIOUS.  It made my dehydration mini headache and nausea disappear quickly.  AND, I actually enjoyed the taste enough to drink it slowly over the course of 30 minutes, rather than the usual 30 second coconut water chug. (Disclosure: I actually haven't had plain coconut water since the "pussy" reference 2 years ago, but even the Mango & Pineapple flavors that I regularly buy require a quick chug)

The texture is possibly a little thicker than regular coconut water or other sports drinks, but it isn't thick like milks (dairy, soy, almond, etc).  The dark chocolate flavor isn't as good as eating a piece of Godiva, but it has a nice flavor.  Think of it like this: less Hershey's Syrup, more Quik.

It's a little too pricey to be a daily grab & go.  ($2.79 at my local Kroger) But I think it will be worth every penny as it helps me stave off hangovers and other summer related dehydration!


  1. While I've never heard of it described as your friends so eloquently referred to it, I really cannot say I like coconut water purely because of its semi-gelatinous texture.  But I know it's suppose to be good for me, so I normally hide it in smoothies or water it down by adding ice.

  2. GertrudeHopsingerJune 25, 2012 at 9:58 AM

    I am actually a weirdo that likes plain cocounut water but can't wait to give Zico a try. Maybe this says something about me considering the terms your friends described it as. I will try not to overanalyze too much, lol.



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