Thursday, July 19, 2012

My Idle Mind Is Terrifying, Awesome

Ever wonder what would happen if anyone knew your deepest, innermost thoughts? The stuff you think about when things are quiet and your mind wanders. During my computer coding class, I discovered that the shit I think about in those moments is terrifying, awesome.

For background, I am taking a computer coding class called Girl Develop It so that my brain doesn't completely deteriorate from CW shows and vampire novels. However, I already knew most of the stuff from Lesson 1. While others were following the teacher's instructions to a T, THIS is what I created... (a.k.a. this is what the blog would look like if I just typed whatever popped into my head) Enjoy!

Favorite Words of Wisdom

"Your mom goes to college." - Kip Dynamite

When Deb goes door to door trying to sell friendship bracelets and Glamour Shots to save money for college, Kip eloquently shouts over his shoulder from the couch...

"I don't have a problem with you f*cking me, but I have a little problem with you not f*cking me." - ODB (RIP)

In his hit song, "I Got Your Money," Ol' Dirty expresses his desire to bed a woman. He follows this statement with a reassurance that he will act as the father to any child she may birth, regardless of paternity.
Note: ODB drew welfare checks as a result of his massive Child Support payments.

"Death had to take him sleeping, for if Roosevelt had been awake there would have been a fight" - Some Old Dude

Teddy Roosevelt was the most badass president of all time. Read more here

Reasons why you should simultaneously love and fear Teddy:
  1. He was once shot in the chest during his 3rd term campaign trail, and rather than go to the hospital or even dress the wound, he delivered his campaign speech with an open bullet wound in his chest.
  2. Honey badger has nothin' on Teddy. A small girl once tossed a baby badger at Teddy. He kept it as a pet.

  • New List Item 1 - dude is making me create an unordered list. Dork!
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  1. OMG!  The kip "Your mom goes to college" is one of my favs too.  I love that you have to listen really close to get it.  This entry cracked me up!  Keep 'em coming sister!!



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