Monday, July 16, 2012


A real text conversation:

      Me: Just leaving your hood from a non-date.

      Mr. GayMess: Define "non date."

      Me: I went out with a friend last night. We went to a parade, drinks, dinner, laughs, and he even taught me to play pool. It was amazing. And then he told me about the chick he boned last week. Sigh. #singlewhitegirlproblems


  1. Ugh... that is lame.

  2. I know...but I am also lame because I knew the whole time we were just friends hanging out.  But there was that moment in my brain while he was teaching me to shoot a pool cue that I thought, "This would be the perfect date."  And then BOOM! He tells me about having sex with someone else. Fantasy over. 

  3. haha! sounds like a keeper! not!



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