Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Weekend Mashup Part 2: Champagne Bar and a Pickle Jar Full of Butter

As I posted earlier this week, my eclectic tastes and style have finally started clashing in a wonderful real life mashup. So now, from Downton Anarchy to the next great mashup that I experienced this past weekend....

Champagne Bar and a Pickle Jar Full of Butter (a.k.a. The Best Wedding Inventions Ever) 

One of my dearest childhood friends had her U.S. wedding reception in our hometown this past weekend. (That lucky bitch got married in Spain this past May in a gorgeous ceremony AND got to have a lovely, very hometown reception, too!) She is worldly and classy and hilarious...but down to earth. (I like to believe that we are similar in that sense.)  So it is no surprise that I discovered my two new favorite wedding inventions of all time at her reception.

Champagne Bar
I love champagne so much.  I think it is a travesty when I go to wedding receptions without festive bubbly to toast.  And what do I love more than plain champagne or cava? PRETTY CHAMPAGNE & CAVA! Fruit, juice, flute, and sparkles.  What more could a classy girl want?

mason jar to butter corn
Pickle Jar Full of Butter
Growing up in Indiana means that a proper wedding buffet should always include corn on the cob. There are few things that I miss being a part time vegan & full time vegetarian...butter is one of those things.  There is nothing better than a delicious ear of golden, buttery corn. Also, there isn't anything messier.  So you can imagine my delight when I realized that the pickle jar full sitting next to the grilled corn was filled with liquid gold.  I was so jealous when I saw people dipping their corn right down in that jar and pulling it back out dripping with yummy, buttery coating. Ah, if only that down-to-earth hometown treat was filled with margarine or soy butter! Sigh. (#singlewhitegirlproblems)


  1. i don't know whether the jarred butter sounds like a delicious treat or a heart attack ha. the champagne bar looks awesome!


  2. LOVE the champagne bar.  And nothing says class like bowls of pre-cut fruit!



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