Monday, July 30, 2012

When Life Hands You Lemons, Make a Vodka Tonic with a Twist

Last week I was feeling a little bit down.  For the first time since my dad died, I started feeling really social and wanted to host a crazy little party at my house, like the good ol' days.   I invited some friends over for an amazing game night.  However, end of summer is basically busy season for the social world, and I was universally rejected. (All except for the amazing Mr. GayMess, that is)

Aaaand, I was also working late nights and early mornings last week. Aaaaand, I was forced to work in central New Jersey. (sexy, I know)  Needless to say, by the time my Friday morning flight out of Newark was cancelled (but only after I arrived at the airport and sat down in the Delta Sky Club), I was feeling a little down on my luck.

When the desk agents at the Delta Sky Club told me that they couldn't get me home until Saturday, I knew I had two choices:
1. I could be pissed that one more thing went sour for me...  OR
2. I could rally my friends in NYC and preemptively work on my favorite NYC souvenir: a hangover.

Of course, I chose option #2.

My NYC Señora CalienteMess just happened to be home on Friday, and we sat on her couch through breakfast & lunch & 2 glasses of happy hour wine while talking about funny stories, sad stories, our goals, our frustrations...we laughed and cried.  It was really cathartic and perfect.

Then Mademoiselle BlondeMess threw together an impromptu Olympic Opening Ceremonies party at her house - complete with English Mojitos, homemade pizza, orzo salad, and the best new party card game, Pit! (pick up the fast paced, highly competitive, stock market-like game here) Madame MarriedMess and her husband joined, BlondeMess's fiancée, Señora CalienteMess, Miss GingerMess, and I spent hours making fun of London's attempt at recreating a serious Acid Trip via the Opening Games, laughing, drinking, catching up.

THEN Captain InappropriateMess and the MFFBF met up with me at the bar where my cousin was throwing a party.  So many of my favorite people in one place almost made my heart explode!

Aaaand then, the crowning jewel of the night, I found a pizza place still open at 3:30am. (my absolute favorite part of the city)

I know how cheesy this is going to sound (and trust me, this kind of cheesy is not MY kind of cheesy), but I just feel like someone was looking out for me, giving me a night that I so desperately needed.  Maybe it was my dad, maybe a guardian angel, or maybe just a delicious coincidence.  But for the first time ever, all the random pieces of my NYC social world fell perfectly together with basically no notice.

And now I can't wait to do it all again in a few weeks!


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