Tuesday, August 28, 2012

When I Grow Up, I Want To Be Cher Horowitz...

At least for Fall 2012....

Mark my words, if you haven't already seen the signs and spotted the trend, Fall 2012 is reviving the 1995 classic movie, Clueless.  Maybe it is the fact that Alicia Silverstone recently made the headlines for feeding her son like a baby bird...a baby bird named "Bear."Or maybe it's the "Every Outfit worn by Cher in 60 Seconds" youtube clip I just saw. Or maybe it is just that we haven't had a good high school prep movie since 2004's Mean Girls. (a.k.a. the last good movie Lindsay Lohan made)... but Clueless is back in a big way! (at least in my mind)

Disclaimer: I recently spent an entire weekend watching Heathers, Clueless, and Mean Girls. And then I may have spent a couple hours shopping online trying to re-create some of my favorite Cher Horowitz fashion ensembles.  SO, I may have made all this up in my own head...but nevertheless, I didn't have to search very long or hard to find that my Fall Fashion Inspiration isn't exactly unique to me.  

My favorite recent coverage of Clueless fashion inspiration was on The Coveteur. As soon as I saw their post on Twitter, my heart skipped several beats with excitement...but it just wasn't enough to satisfy my thirst for more argyle, more sheer tops, more fuzzy pencils, more 90s pop music, more eye candy for my very own closet...


I will never forget the day that I saw Clueless for the first time....I had just gotten my braces put on and my mom felt bad for me.  So she took me to a theater in Kentucky, near my orthodontist.  I sadly discovered that my teeth hurt too much to chew the sour patch kids and hot dog I picked up at the concession stand (seriously, a movie theater hot dog? what was 12 year old me thinking!?!?)  But, as soon as "Kids in America" started blazing - I had a new form of candy, nourishment: FASHION!

(also note: being in a movie theater in Kentucky when she makes the wedding joke, "AS IF! I'm only 16. This is California, not Kentucky," I laughed heartily as my fellow movie patrons boo'd the screen.  It was awesome.)

While I was never gutsy enough to follow in Cher's footsteps back then (as a painfully self conscious middle school girl with acne, braces, and 80s perm frizzy hair), I certainly spent many years wearing argyle and plaid as my homage to Ms. Horowitz.  So not that I have found myself re-inspired by the fashion of Clueless, I am doing it! Full steam... And you are invited to join me!

The HauteMess Guide to Becoming a Modern Day Cher Horowitz

Start blazing "Just A Girl," "Shoop," "Kids in America," and "Supermodel" - grab your mochaccino, and let's start shopping...

1. Subtle Sexiness in Sheer Tops:

2. Unabashedly Stand Out Colors & Prints:

3. Preppy to the Max Collar & Sweater Combos: 

Similar sweaters here, here, and here.

4. Less Than Subtle School Girl Sex Appeal with the Oh-So-Powerful-Mini:

Or similar ones here, here, here, and here.

5. And Finally...Whimsy Accessories that scream "I don't give a f***, this is FUN!":
Fuzzy pens here

No one will ever rock a hat quite like Dionne...but we can try!

If you will please excuse me, I must now go empty out my bank account as I try to re-create the magic of being a teenager (or dreaming of being a teenager) in 1995... 


  1. No Kidding! Just listening to this song this week and thinking that I needed to watch Clueless again for not just Paul Rudd, but fashion as well. Thanks for taking me back!

  2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h9nY9axjaWo

  3. Thank you for this post! I'm going to a 90s party tomorrow and needed some inspiration (not that my wardrobe isn't already totally 90s). I've been thinking about Clueless a lot lately-- I need to watch it again!

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