Tuesday, September 25, 2012


I set my alarm for PM instead of AM, so I overslept and didn't have time to use my new birthday present from my mom....the Nespresso Citiz with milk frother! Guess I just have to wait to have my first  delicious, homemade soy latte until tomorrow. #singlewhitegirlproblems #turning30iskindofawesome

But seriously, my mom is bananas! My birthday isn't for another whole week and she couldn't wait to give me my present, so she dropped it off last night.  Which is basically the best present of all.  The one thing I love more than getting presents (that I specifically asked for) - it's finding out what I got early!

Thank you, MamaMess!  I love you!

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  1. Awesome! Happy Birthday!

    So, I visit your blog a lot. Sometimes I hope for a new post from you, but I also use your blogroll to help me waste time at work. It's not your job to entertain me, but I really appreciate getting to know the life you portray through your posts. Those on your blogroll confuse me, though. You are 30- they are not. I do not get a 22 year old hipsters complaining about life- you are young- get over yourself and start living it up. And continue living it up past 30. Any new blogs you could add to keep me busy at work?



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