Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Today's My Birthday!!! YAYYYY!!

Today is my 30th birthday!

I have been asked if "turning 30" bothers me or scares me...the simple answer is NO. I am excited about 30 (as long as I don't look a day over 24).  My 20s were a decade long journey of self acceptance, gaining independence, and surviving heartbreak.  Twenty-nine was the deepest heartbreak of all... So I am very ready to move on to the next chapter in my life. 

Don't misunderstand - for every sad moment, there were twice as many happy ones...but I wouldn't trade the confidence and love that I have for myself for that higher metabolism or lower responsibility.  My life is great and definitely on the upswing. Especially if my 30th birthday party this past weekend is any indication!  It was the best party ever.  I was surrounded by love, laughter, and support in the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee.  I hope that these intangible gifts are just foreshadowing the years to come. 

My Birthday Five: The Best Gifts a Girl Can Get (in life and for a birthday)

1) Acceptance and Support

My Brother and SisterMess's card pretty much sums up how my friends made me feel this weekend. Sometimes it is easy to doubt myself ("What makes me think I am so special?" "Why did I say that?!" "Seriously, why do these people still like me?") - but I hope the overwhelming love and support I feel stays with me for years to come... because I feel pretty damned awesome right now.

2) A Helping Hand

Madame MarriedMess couldn't join me in the festivities this past weekend, but her presence was definitely felt all weekend after she helped me make the best DIY piñata of all time! She spent a whole evening cutting & taping cardboard and fringe - because I didn't have enough time (or talent) to make my dream piñata on my own.  I love her for giving me the gift of help, especially when I am not good at asking for it! (we used this site to guide us)

3) A Touch of Glamour

Ah - I love sparkly things!  Nothing like shiny & sparkly things to make a girl feel glamorous. (or a boy! several of the boys wore these sequin getups nearly as much as I did)

4) Sidesplitting Laughter

As you are undoubtedly aware, costumes are my love language. I love funny costumes that make people giggle, let go of their inhibitions, and have more fun than any pair of jeans would ever allow.  And to make this weekend even more special, my cousin gave me this amazing Unicorn Mask to match my awesome unicorn t shirt.   Whether someone was donning this mask and chasing the dogs around the house or hiding the mask in some one's bed...the laughter was never-ending and the mask a great addition to my "costume closet."

5) A Second Chance

Approximately 25 years ago, my family vacationed in Gatlinburg, TN. (very near the cabin I rented for birthdaypalooza)  My mom fell ill with food poisoning or something, so PapaMess took my brother and I out for a day of "fun" activities so MamaMess could rest.  He took us to a year-round Haunted House that was so gosh darned scary that by the time we reached the third room, I turned around and ran backwards out of that place at full speed.  I ran just fast enough to slide through the door that was closing behind us....my brother and dad were not so speedy.  While I dried my little tears and waited patiently by myself on the front steps of my worst nightmare, my poor dad frantically pushed through the remaining first and second story of the "Mysterious Mansion." (I am certain the thought of me getting kidnapped on the steps of a haunted house was more terrifying than the creepy actors who followed him around, yelling at him to slow down.)

Once he reached me outside and ascertained that I was safe, the teasing began.  He made light of the situation by making fun and asking if I was sure that I wouldn't be "too scared" to finish every activity that we did afterwards...for the next 25 years.

So you can imagine my surprise when my brother arranged for a second chance encounter with the "Mysterious Mansion."  I was delighted!  I made it through bravely and safely (while the Muchacho screamed like a girl and basically buried his face in MY back at least once).  I am thankful for that second chance - and I would like to think my dad was proud of me, too.

Happy birthday to me! 


  1. I love this post so much! What wonderful gifts to receive as you embark on a new era. Keep them with you. Happiest of Birthdays, Mlle. Hautemess!

  2. I love this post so much! What wonderful gifts to receive as you embark on a new era! Keep them with you. Happiest of Birthdays, Mlle. Hautemess!



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